February’s Book To Live By

Risk can appear in many forms — personal, professional, financial, physical.

Sure, such challenges can carry gains. But they could also mean loss. Perhaps even danger. When is a risk worth taking?

My guest for the February interview put that question to the test in a big way.

Author Irene O’Garden is one of the true inspirations in my life. Her play, Women on Fire, was a spark for one of my greatest adventures!

For our February Book To Live By, I am thrilled to recommend Irene’s stunning memoir:

Risking the Rapids: How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood by Irene O’Garden

Risking the Rapids by Irene O'Garden

Irene grew up in a large Catholic family during the mid-20th century. A well-known but alcoholic father, a cold, often cruel mother, and seven battling children are the stuff of dysfunction. Each of the siblings carried deep and lasting scars.

The book opens with the death of a brother. The family gathers in shock and grief, and plans are made for a weeklong rafting trip to aid in their healing. Irene sees the risk of discomfort outweighed by the potential for closing old wounds.

As the adventure in remote wilderness unravels into a harrowing trek, Irene intermixes scenes from her childhood. The divergent tales grow at a heart-thumping pace.

Irene’s gorgeous language, riveting details, and keen insights will grip you from the first page and sweep you along to the last.

Prepare for a wild ride! You will love Risking the Rapids.

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