March’s Book To Live By

Do you have a message you feel you are meant to deliver?

Whether you want to shout it from the rooftops or your goal is simply to offer guidance to family and friends, help is on the way.

For my March membership interview, I spoke with Michelle Barry Franco, an executive coach and communications expert with a special interest in advising those who long to become compelling public speakers.

Through research and studying the best of the best in the field, Michelle has charted a path for getting your message out into the world.

It is my pleasure to announce that our March Book To Live By is:

Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference Through Transformational Speaking by Michelle Barry Franco (*paid link).

In Beyond Applause, Michelle’s theme is “transformational thought leadership.” She reaches out to those with a desire to contribute in a meaningful way and leads them to walk into the spotlight with confidence and commitment.

Michelle had been coaching for a while when she realized that she was focusing on only half of the process. Presentation — the craft of writing a speech and ways to deliver it — gets you only so far. Equally important are becoming a credible messenger and finding appropriate opportunities to make an impact.

First and foremost, Michelle tells us, you must be clear about your message and why you are the one to deliver it. She offers practical strategies and insightful exercises to take the wisdom of your heart and express it in a direct and dynamic way.

But unlike so many other books on speaking, Beyond Applause takes the next step. Michelle guides you to find the right audience for your message. Through her own stories and those of people she has coached, she shows you how to become the “go to” speaker on stages where you will have the greatest influence.

Still, along the way, anxiety may defeat your best intentions. Michelle also offers constructive defenses for overcoming the fear keeping you from becoming the speaker you always wanted to be.

For those who feel an urgent desire to speak out on a grand scale, Beyond Applause (*paid link) empowers you to answer that call. But Michelle’s ideas are also helpful for speaking your truth during everyday encounters.

I highly recommend this book to everyone with something to say. And that includes all of us!

Here’s to speaking up and speaking out!


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