September’s Book To Live By

The first tower was struck at 8:46 a.m. on September 11, 2001. It was a day that forever changed America.

The nation continues to deal with the widespread aftermath, and we spend each September 11 in solemn commemoration. This year marks the 20th anniversary.

In 2001, Andrea Raynor volunteered her services and became chaplain at the morgue at Ground Zero. As she expresses it, the job was “shouldering the responsibility of standing in for a wounded and grieving nation.”

We are so blessed to have Andie as a member of our Women on Fire circle. She is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and former hospice chaplain. She continues to minister to those who survive the unthinkable as a spiritual and bereavement counselor.

Andie is also a brilliant author.

It is with pride and admiration that I share as our September Book To Live By:

Reflections of Grace: Finding Hope at Ground Zero by Andrea Raynor.


In 2009, Andie compiled a collection of essays titled The Voice That Calls You Home: Inspiration for Life’s Journeys. In it, she shares the wisdom and compassion she has gained from her experiences, including her own battle with cancer.

She reminds us that even our darkest days are a space to find beauty, courage, hope, and forgiveness.

This year, the chapters relating to September 11 are being republished as Reflections of Grace: Finding Hope at Ground Zero. The book features a gorgeous and heartfelt new introduction by Andie.

Because of the anniversary, there are an even larger number of projects this year re-examining the momentous event. Those seeking new perspectives include Spike Lee, the American film director and screenwriter. He has created a four-part series for HBO called NYC Epicenters: 9/11 —> 2021½. We see Andie in the third part with more from the interview to come in the final episode, which will be broadcast on Saturday, September 11.

Reflections of Grace and Andie’s other books — Incognito: Lost and Found at Harvard Divinity School; A Light on the Corner: Discovering the Sacred in the Everyday; The Alphabet of Grief: Words to Help in Times of Sorrow — are available on Amazon and at bookstores everywhere.

I highly recommend all these wise and beautiful books. And I congratulate our Women on Fire sister for her amazing accomplishments.

To our shared and cherished memories,

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