• Desire deep fulfillment in my work and life
  • Cheer on the successes of other women
  • Embrace my talents and achievements
  • Eagerly share my information, ideas, experience and connections, when appropriate, to benefit others
  • Am always working to improve myself
  • Love to learn new things
  • Know how to ask for help
  • Invest in myself and in my potential
  • Connect with other women in a trusting, soul-satisfying way
  • Have a positive attitude (90% of the time!)
  • Am aware of my powerful impact on others
  • Dedicate myself to using my strengths, gifts and talents to make a difference in the world
  • Am clear and direct with compassion and kindness
  • Appreciate, honor, credit and celebrate those who helped me along my path to my goals
  • Know (mostly!) when to say “YES!” and how to say “NO”
  • Cultivate a “tough mind” yet lead my life with a “tender heart”
  • May not yet know fully “how to get there” toward my next desires, but I am on my way!
  • Recognize my creativity as a gift to be protected, valued and nurtured
  • Give — and can accept – love and support
  • Believe there is plenty in this world for me!

With love,