June’s Book To Live By

Doctors, pilots, chefs and experts of every kind depend on them to accomplish their intricate work.

What are these magic tools? Checklists!

For my June interview, I spoke with Alexandra Franzen, an entrepreneur, teacher and consultant as well as an authority on checklists. She brought us uplifting ideas to upgrade these simple to-do lists to be truly transformative in our lives.

It is my pleasure to recommend for our June Book To Live By:

The Checklist Book: Set Realistic Goals, Celebrate Tiny Wins, Reduce Stress and Overwhelm, and Feel Calmer Every Day by Alexandra Franzen (*paid link).


Like your favorite recipe, a good checklist should include the ingredients and actions to not only complete tasks but also to create a life of meaning and value. Alexandra shows you how to capture this power.

She first takes us through the science of checklists, including how much your brain can retain at one time and the emotional and physical release you receive from gaining control of your time.

Besides the best length, format and components for a daily list, you will discover life-enhancing checklists you’ve probably never thought of. There are numerous templates and resources to ease your way.

Alexandra coaches you to be realistic yet gentle with yourself and encourages you to celebrate your progress.

Read this book if you are looking for an easy, effective and free way to organize your life, keep the promises you make, attend to your own self-care, finish projects you start, and honor your relationships.

I can’t imagine who this wouldn’t include!

The Checklist Book (*paid link) will show you how you to implement this simple, age-old tool with innovative ideas for an increasingly complex world. You will be inspired and energized.


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44th Edition

Hello Women on Fire!

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