Rob’s anniversary gift …

I’m so glad this isn’t television because if you saw me right now, I look pretty bad. I’m still in the workout clothes I put on first thing this morning – and exercise has had no part in this day whatsoever!

Instead, I spent today unshowered and glued in my seat to put finishing touches on the next Women on Fire book, which will be out by late summer. (I can hardly wait to introduce you to the 21 amazing co-authors and their stories … stay tuned!)

Right now, I’m in that full-on haze that I experienced with the last Women on Fire book. I lose track of time and space and when I remember to eat, I only want cookies. 😉

Still, I wanted to tell you about something that I can’t stop thinking about.  Rob and I celebrated our anniversary last week – and he did something that was so special and meaningful.

Happy anniversary 2013…before he made me cry!

It didn’t cost a dime except for his time and I thought you might be inspired if you have an upcoming anniversary, or you want to strengthen your relationship, or you simply want to let someone special know how much they mean to you.

Before I share the details, here’s a little background…

Many years ago I was divorced and just when I was certain I would never find love again, on July 31, 1997, I met the most remarkable man – over the phone on a business conference call.

After the call, which like I said was strictly business, I swatted my face and verbally beat up myself at my attraction to this man:  “Stop getting excited over someone’s voice on the telephone; that guy could be an ax murderer.”

When the “ax murderer” and I finally met in person months later, there were no sparks. Just a nice, easy friendship that developed as we began to work together on professional projects.  It was quite a while before the friendship became personal — and then romantic!

One of our first pictures together after falling in love!

Ten years after that conference call, Rob and I were married.  July 31 is the day we met – and married.

So last week for our anniversary we went to Boston and celebrated at dinner at the restaurant No. 9 Park.  We were wrapping up our wonderful night when Rob surprised me with a letter. It was titled “6 x 6.”

1)   Six things I love about you

2)   Six things I am in awe of about you

3)   Six things I appreciate about you

4)   Six things that tickle me about you

5)   Six things that bedazzle me about you

6)   Six things that inspire me about you

Well, you can imagine after reading all 36 of his thoughts and feelings, I was deeply touched and cried like a baby.  My heart was overflowing with love and gratitude.

Our favorite therapist Dr. Norman Shub reminds us that love isn’t just a feeling.  Love is a set of actions and behaviors.  And, Rob, I loved your action steps!

*This week’s Pinspiration*

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Magic is something you make- Learn how to make more magic in your rleationships with the 6x6 trick

We all know how hard it is in a relationship to stay in sync and in love.  Rob and I often laugh with friends about comedian Chris Rock’s famous routine:  “you are either married and bored — or you’re single and lonely.”

But no matter your status, there’s no reason to be unfulfilled.  No reason not to share your love.  Who in your life right now might you delight by surprising them with six reasons you are tickled by them? Ten reasons they make you laugh? Five reasons you’re inspired by them?

I know to be the recipient of such love and positive regard from another human who knows me better than anyone else on the planet is the greatest gift I could ever have received.

Have a wonderful week, fabulous woman, and I hope to see you back here next week.  I’m headed to take a shower. It’s the least I can do to reciprocate some love for that man of mine!