Links That Light Us Up

18th Edition

Hello Woman on Fire!

We want to thank you for the beautiful display of love and support for Jane and her family and friends. The overwhelming response from our community is a reminder that the human spirit is stronger than we can imagine. We will continue to honor Jane’s life everyday and will deeply miss her presence, love and contributions within Women on Fire. We hope that the links this week find you well, and attempt to bring a little more light into the end of your week.

Best Cuddle Buddy- Debbie was recently all wrapped up in her favorite alpaca throw and it inspired us to hunt for the perfect blanket. We think Brit.Co compiled a pretty excellent list of choices here.

15 Blankets we want to curl up with via

Best New Use of Science-  Have you ever considered genetic testing? The founder of 23 and Me was featured in a recent article by Wired Magazine and it got the whole Women on Fire team thinking that maybe we should opt in. For only 99$ you can receive as much or as little information about your genetic and hereditary history as you want.



Best Biz Podcast-
The Women on Fire team LOVES podcasts! We listen to them while driving, while making dinner, and usually have them on in the background while we are working. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire (great name or what?) is by far our favorite business podcast out there. Debbie recently did an interview with him and the energy was off the charts!

Entrepreneur On Fire from John Lee Dumas

Best Tune- Nothing puts us in a better mood than this song by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It’s called “That’s What’s Up” and we think you might enjoy the video just as much as the tune!

Best Butternut Squash Bite-
This creamy butternut squash pasta from the talented chefs of Two Peas and Their Pod had us drooling at our desks. This dish screams fall and we couldn’t be more excited to try it out this weekend. #WomenonFireApproved

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta from Two Peas and Their PodTwo Peas and Their Pod

Best Home Remedies- Sometimes at Women on Fire HQ we don’t want to always immediately reach for medicine, so you can imagine how happy we were to find these 18 bizarrely effective home remedies from Jeremy Bender at Buzzfeed.

18 bizarrely effective home remedies from Buzzfeed


Best Home Buys under $100-
Looking to spruce up your place before Winter forces you back into hibernation? Here are 50 rad buys for your home that are all under $100 from Refinery29. We are 100% inspired to give Women on Fire HQ a makeover after browsing through this list.

50 Rad Buys for yoru home under $100 from Refinery 29

We hope these links light up your week and let us know if anything has caught your eye recently!


The Women on Fire Team

p.s. Did you miss last week’s links? Look no further!


Links That Light Us Up

16th Edition

Hello Woman on Fire!

We hope you are enjoying your week so far, here are some brand new links to make it that much better 🙂

Best Scrapbook 2.0- Digital cameras make it too easy to take pictures and forget about them. Try using one of these fantastic photo book services collected by Brit.Co to bring your memories back in print.

5 best ways to turn your photos into books via Brit.Co

Best Creative Juice- Do you ever notice that you work better in a coffee shop? There’s something about the calm commotion that makes it easier to stay on task and inspired. Coffitivity is a digital download of ‘coffee shop white noise’. Now you can feel like you’re in the midst of a bustling cafe no matter where you are.

Coffitivity- Background Coffee Shop Noise

Best Budget Wardrobe- We breezed through this amazing list of 100+ fall fashion items under $100 from Vogue. Leather, and jewel tones, and booties, OH MY!

100+ Fall Fashion Items under $100 from VOGUEVogue

Best Word Play- Over at Women on Fire we are HUGE fans of watching TEDTalks, and many of our women have even participated over the years. We stumbled across this one just yesterday from Sarah Kay, titled “If I Should Have A Daughter.” It’s absolutely beautiful and so is the mission for her education based non-profit, Project V.O.I.C.E!

Best Break- Need a break, a breath, a minute to just stop everything around you? Huffington Post created a list of 10 apps to help you relax your body and mind.

10 Apps to relax your body and mind via Huffington Post

Best Fall Photo- Our resident ‘Man on Fire’, Mr. Rob Berkley is a phenomenal photographer who never fails to capture the perfect shot. We’ve seen a lot of fall photos on Pinterest in the past couple weeks but nothing compares to the serenity of this photo. Check out his other work here, or follow him on google+ to keep track of his latest photo updates!

Fall from Rob BerkleyRob Berkley

Best Treat Without Bulge– Food allergies seem to be the new thing, and many of our Women on Fire team members swear by the Paleo Diet. One of our favorite websites Nom Nom Paleo has crafted a delicious treat that eliminates gluten and dairy, from Kelly Brozyna’s unreal cookbook– The Paleo Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook: 80 Gluten Free Treats for Breakfast & Dessert. Food allergies or not, we highly recommend you take a look.

Kelly Brozyna's Chocolate Pie + Raw Graham Cracker Crust from NomNom Paleo

Best New Books- We are always on the hunt for new books to cuddle up with. If you haven’t checked out our Book To Live By for October yet you can do that here 🙂 If you have, follow us over here for a list 12 new books for fall from Mashable.

12 new books to cozy up with this Fall from Mashable


We hope you continue to enjoy your week and don’t forget to let us know what’s lighting you up online!


The Women on Fire Team


Links That Light Us Up

10th Edition

Hello Woman on Fire!

Happy Wednesday!! You are halfway there. We promise the weekend is on its way. But to keep you distracted until then, let’s get to the links.

Best Family Photo- Is it just us, or are you crazy over royal baby George? It might just be us, but either way we squealed when we saw a glimpse of the first Royal family photos. That’s one for the mantel.

The Royal Family


Best Reality Check– Magazines are always trying to sell us things, and the Huffington Post decided to add it all up. See how much you would spend if you actually bought everything magazines told you to buy, by clicking below.

If you bought everything magazines told you to buy by Huffington PostHuffington Post


Best Late Summer Bite- If you decided to grow cherry tomatoes this year, we are 100% positive you have more than you know what to do with. Our favorite food blogger Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe was featured by Design Sponge for this Shallot Socca with Pesto. YUM

Shallot Socca with Pesto via Phoebe LapinePhoebe Lapine


Best Happiness How-To- Everyone wants to be happy, so Fast Company put together 10 easy ways that are scientifically proven to increase happiness.

10 simple ways to find happiness via Fast CompanyFast Company


Best Back To School Shopping- Whether you are actually going back to school is irrelevant when it comes to back-to-school shopping. We like to think of the fall as a fresh start for us all. Treat your creative mind and your office to some new stuff off of Brit.Co’s 20 top finds on ETSY.

The best Back to school items on Etsy via Brit.CoBritCo.


Best Bud to POTUS- The Obama’s got a new dog named Sunny, to join their first pup Bo. The Huffington Post put together an adorable guide to being a dog in the White House. So cute, we couldn’t resist.

Obama On The South LawnGetty


Best New Tune- Soulful, uplifting and strong would best describe the latest song called ‘Resolution’ from Australian singer/songwriter Matt Corby. Let this tune carry you through to the weekend.

Matt Corby – Resolution from Matt Corby on Vimeo.


Best Match Made In Heaven– What could be better than wine and cheese? Now you can guarantee that both are bringing out the best in one another at your next cocktail party. Thanks to Love Letters To Home for this amazing Pairing Guide.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide from Love Letters To HomeLove Letters To Home


Best Beach Shots- With summer officially coming to a close, we thought what could be more fitting than a roundup from BuzzFeed of all our favorite President’s strutting their stuff? Who’s your favorite? JFK has our vote 😉

Presidents going for a swim via Buzzfeed- image via

We hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer, and are staying sane in the midst of school starting. Enjoy the links and let us know what’s lighting you up these days!!

Sending you energy and love from Women on Fire HQ!


The Women on Fire Team

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