Celebrating Women on Fire

I’ve been on vacation these past few days and can’t wait to tell you some things I learned while taking time off.  (Funny how it works that way! When the vessel is empty …)

Also, I’m losing my mind NOT to tell you what I’m doing in Chicago on Monday.  🙂 But don’t worry, you’ll receive a full report next week!

And the best part of all is what YOU are up to!  Below is a quick catch-up with a number of Women on Fire.

*This week’s Pinspiration*

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When one of us succeeds, it reminds us that we all have the power to succeed- Pinspiration from Women on Fire www.womenonfire.com

You know I believe a “rising tide lifts all boats” and when one of us shares a joy or an accomplishment, it can inspire us all.  So thank you to the women who shared your successes and congratulations to each of you.

Wendy DeSimone celebrating at the top of a high ropes course.

Wendy DeSimone of Northport, New York, recently celebrated her 50th birthday with her sister at the Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona. During her five-day stay she opted into their adrenaline pumping challenges course of ropes and high wires that tested her limits and pushed her way beyond her comfort zone to 45 feet in the air to be exact!

Throughout her trip, she climbed up and ziplined off of a 45-foot telephone pole, balanced her way across a log 25 feet in the air, jumped from a 25-foot telephone pole.

Wendy “walking the plank” at the Miraval Spa in Arizona

After returning from Tucson, Wendy said “I truly felt like a Woman on Fire, from the top of my  head all the way down to my toes.”

Beth Rose of Redlands, California launched a long-awaited project recently as the Director of Hospitality Services for Loma Linda University. After a full year and a half of careful planning and analysis, she and her team have premiered their new volunteer management system. With more than 800 current volunteers, that’s a fantastic accomplishment.

Phoebe Lapine featured in Food & Wine Magazine

Our favorite food blogger Phoebe Lapine of New York City, was recently recognized for her oustanding talent in the kitchen! And this time by the prestigious Food & Wine Magazine which awared her blog Feed Me Phoebe, with one of their first digital awards. Many of you shared recently how much you recently loved Phoebe’s receipes in the Women on Fire membership package. I’m so glad to see that Food & Wine Magazine recognized what we already know 🙂 about one of the talented members!

A preview to Tandi Phillips Musuraca’s engagement announcement

Tandi Phillips Musuraca of Columbus, Ohio recently became engaged to her partner Ryan SquiresTandi is one of the most creative women I know, and her engagement announcement reflects the inspiring creativity of these two.  Check out the adorable engagement announcement. And, congratulations, Tandi and Ryan!

Sherrie Sokolowski and her new baby girl Elianna

Sherrie Sokolowski of York, Pennsylvania just had her first baby, an adorable baby girl named EliannaSherrie is an event planning genius and started her own company called SLS Event Planning & Consulting LLC. If you haven’t met this talented woman, you will soon at our upcoming winter Women on Fire event (details soon). Sending Sherrie, her husband Kyle and little Elianna tons of love!

Jen Milam pictured with her bridesmaids on the day of her wedding

Jen Milam of Minneapolis, Minnesota recently tied the knot with her college sweetheart Jay. Originally from West Chester, Ohio, the couple attended Miami University of Ohio. Jen now works as a business analyst for Target. What a beautiful bride! Congratulations on your big day :).

Mary Duafala of Columbus, Ohio has launched a brilliant initiative called the Abbey Rose Foundation. Her organization is dedicated to keeping pets and their people healthy!  The foundation promotes holistic education and if you have a pet, I hope you will check out the site and see what she’s up, too.

Mary’s long-time commitment to keeping our animals strong, healthy and happy is so inspiring and I am so proud she is a member of our community!

And I am thrilled you are part of Women on Fire, too!

Have great week and pleeeeeeze come back next week so I can tell you all about Chicago. 🙂