January Book Of The Month

Welcome to a brand-new year of exciting, popular Books To Live By to inspire your amazing life!

Our selection this month highlights Women on Fire’s January membership program theme of “Stepping Powerfully into the New Year,” and I can’t think of a better person or guide to help us set our souls on fire in 2014.

My dear, long-time friend, Marianne Williamson, has released a daily devotional to inspire and ignite your whole heart for the next 365 days.

A Year of Miracles by Marianne Williamson- Women on Fire January Book To Live By

A Year of Miracles, Daily Devotions and Reflections (amazon link) is Marianne’s latest and greatest work.

Marianne is an author, speaker, spiritual teacher and now California congressional candidate, and she is also a powerful voice for women everywhere looking to reconnect with their hearts and higher selves.

I’ve mentioned her work many times here before. A Return to Love and Illuminata of two of my very favorites, and A Year of Miracles falls in line as another perfect companion to any of her books.

It’s a collection of Marianne’s teachings that remind you of your inner power as a miracle worker, change maker, and love generator.

Marianne says, “Anyone can be a miracle worker—anyone who chooses to be.” This book shows you how to do just that. It encourages you to embrace the momentous shift your life can take when you let love in and let go of fear.

Each day’s reading is packed with loving, down-to-earth insights. It’s my new favorite way to start the day—with a cup of coffee, as I sit down at my desk in the mornings, and sometimes even before I make it out of bed.

Here are a few gems from this latest book:

  • It’s not enough to wash yesterday’s dirt off your body. Wash yesterday’s stress off your mind.
  • Exercise your attitudinal muscles like you exercise your physical muscles, and you’ll have more than a new body — you’ll have a new life.
  • There’s enough love in the world to create peace on earth. What’s lacking is the collective conviction that we should.
  • There can be no darkness where I provide the light.

I started my copy on the first day of the new year, and the beauty of this devotional, unlike many others, is that it isn’t organized around actual dates, so you can start Day 1 whenever you are ready. Or better yet, just open it to a new page everyday.

A Year of Miracles truly is one of those books that every woman should own—every man, too :)—and I hope you treat yourself in this new year, to kindle your goals and discover the miracles, by purchasing your copy today!

And as always, let me know as the love and insights unfold.