Links That Light Us Up

45th Edition

Women on Fire’s latest link roundup, full of festive fall-themed fun!

44th edition Links That Light Us Up

Best 48-hour DIY — Have a free weekend coming up and a room that needs some love? Check this out!

7 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do In Just  weekend via BabbleBabble

Best Organic Beauty Buys — Let your beauty routine go au naturel!


Best Fright Flicks — Scary movie fan? Here’s a roundup of every single scary movie that will be playing on television for the month of October.

The Shining- Every Scary Movie on TV this October

Best Fall Foliage — Planning a trip this fall? Check out the top 12 spots to behold the changing leaves.

Mike Norton Via ShutterstockFodors

Best Fall Recipe Roundup — These 25 recipes will have you busy until winter (because you will, without a doubt, want to make them all.)

25 Favorite Fall Recipes via Half Baked HarvestHalf Baked Harvest

Best Furry Costume — That would be a Pomeranian Spiced Latte, and that’s just the beginning.

Pomeranian Spiced Latte via BuzzfeedBuzzFeed

Best Introduction — Do you have trouble introducing yourself, your business and your passion? Never struggle to find the right words again.

Alexandra Franzen- How to explain what you doAlexandra Franzen


The Women on Fire team

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Links That Light Us Up

30th Edition

Hello Women on Fire!

We are BACK with some more fabulous links this week. Take a look! 🙂

Best Breakfast Bite—Who said you can’t have cookies for breakfast? Kristin Porter proves the naysayers wrong with these delicious Lemon Blackberry Breakfast Cookies! (They’re gluten-, dairy- and egg-free too!)

Iowa Girl Eats- Lemon Blackberry breakfast cookiesIowa Girl Eats

Best Mood Boost—Check out these 64 unbelievable facts that will have you smiling ear to ear by the time you’re done.

64 Mind Blowing facts that will made you happy- Tanner Ringerud

Best Spring View—Although you may not be the hiking type, we doubt that you’ll be able to resist these views! Try one of the top 10 hikes for Spring 2014.

Canada, Alberta, Rockies, Waterton Lake Park, Colorful Boats Along Pier.Education Images via Getty Images

Best Happy Hour—Are alcohol and appetizers coming to a Starbucks near you?

Starbucks to start serving AlcoholStarbucks

Best Adventure EVER—Welcome to COSMOS—your new Sunday night!

Best Upgrade—This list will have you daydreaming about your next remodeling project.

33 Insanely Clever Upgrades to Make in Your Home- via BuzzfeedBuzzFeed

Best New Do—Why not welcome Spring with a fresh new cut?

5 New cuts to try this spring from Elle Mag.Elle Magazine

Best Brag—Learn how to master the art of self-promotion with these 6 quick tips!

6 Tips to master the art of self promotion and getting your work discovered- Jessica Grose

We hope these links light up your weekend, and we look forward to seeing you back here next week!


The Women on Fire Team

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Links That Light Us Up

18th Edition

Hello Woman on Fire!

We want to thank you for the beautiful display of love and support for Jane and her family and friends. The overwhelming response from our community is a reminder that the human spirit is stronger than we can imagine. We will continue to honor Jane’s life everyday and will deeply miss her presence, love and contributions within Women on Fire. We hope that the links this week find you well, and attempt to bring a little more light into the end of your week.

Best Cuddle Buddy- Debbie was recently all wrapped up in her favorite alpaca throw and it inspired us to hunt for the perfect blanket. We think Brit.Co compiled a pretty excellent list of choices here.

15 Blankets we want to curl up with via

Best New Use of Science-  Have you ever considered genetic testing? The founder of 23 and Me was featured in a recent article by Wired Magazine and it got the whole Women on Fire team thinking that maybe we should opt in. For only 99$ you can receive as much or as little information about your genetic and hereditary history as you want.



Best Biz Podcast-
The Women on Fire team LOVES podcasts! We listen to them while driving, while making dinner, and usually have them on in the background while we are working. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire (great name or what?) is by far our favorite business podcast out there. Debbie recently did an interview with him and the energy was off the charts!

Entrepreneur On Fire from John Lee Dumas

Best Tune- Nothing puts us in a better mood than this song by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It’s called “That’s What’s Up” and we think you might enjoy the video just as much as the tune!

Best Butternut Squash Bite-
This creamy butternut squash pasta from the talented chefs of Two Peas and Their Pod had us drooling at our desks. This dish screams fall and we couldn’t be more excited to try it out this weekend. #WomenonFireApproved

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta from Two Peas and Their PodTwo Peas and Their Pod

Best Home Remedies- Sometimes at Women on Fire HQ we don’t want to always immediately reach for medicine, so you can imagine how happy we were to find these 18 bizarrely effective home remedies from Jeremy Bender at Buzzfeed.

18 bizarrely effective home remedies from Buzzfeed


Best Home Buys under $100-
Looking to spruce up your place before Winter forces you back into hibernation? Here are 50 rad buys for your home that are all under $100 from Refinery29. We are 100% inspired to give Women on Fire HQ a makeover after browsing through this list.

50 Rad Buys for yoru home under $100 from Refinery 29

We hope these links light up your week and let us know if anything has caught your eye recently!


The Women on Fire Team

p.s. Did you miss last week’s links? Look no further!


Links That Light Us Up

2nd Edition

Hello wonderful women!

We are back with another week of links that we couldn’t wait to share with you. With Summer on the rise we suggest taking a break by going outside, but if you seem to be stuck indoors take a break and surf the web with us 🙂

Best Summer Sip- Who doesn’t love lemonade out of a mason jar? This recipe for lemonade from The Pioneer Woman is a breeze to make and all natural. We’re thirsty just thinking about it.

Homemade Lemonade from The Pioneer Woman[pinit]

Best Impulse Buy- So you’ve probably gathered by now that we are in love with Paris ( Women On Fire Paris Trip 2014 details are coming soon, don’t worry). We can’t imagine cutting anything with any other pair of scissors, ever again! 

Eiffel Scissors by Cotton On[pinit]

Best Quickie- Working out isn’t always fun, sometimes it’s close to torture. However, we are completely on board for a 7 minute anything. This 7 minute work out can be done almost anywhere- on your lunch break, right when you wake up, or even while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew.

7 min. workout via Tribe Sports[pinit]

Best DIY Project- We are swooning over these adorable gold painted vases from Style Me Pretty. Now pending on your crafting abilities, these could take anywhere from an hour to a whole day, but just imagine how gorgeous they will look on your table!

Best Kitchen Life Saver– Now we don’t know about you, but sometimes measurements get a bit tricky for us in the kitchen. Quarts? Pounds? Ounces? What we do know is that many meals could have been saved by this kitchen cheat sheet, if only we had discovered it sooner.

Kitchen Cheat Sheet infographic[pinit]

Best Friends-  Are you smiling yet? If the answer is no, head over here for a dose of cuteness that’s sure to tip you over the edge.

Best Friends![pinit]

Best Book Suggestions- Whether you are a book worm, a casual reader, or looking for a great gift, What Should I Read Next could be your new best friend! This awesome website is like having a librarian in your pocket, or in this case your computer.  All you have to do is type in a favorite book and it provides you with a handful of similar suggestions. Literary magic.

What Should I Read Next- Best Book Suggestions[pinit]

Best Travel Hacks– Do you love to travel? Would you love to travel more? We thought so! Which is why we literally jumped into planning our next vacation after reading this article on the best travel hacks , aka the best way to travel more without spending everything you have.

Travel Hacking article via Life Hacker[pinit]

Best Mind Trick- True or False, that tunnel below exists in real life? True! Enjoy the link below to browse nearly 25 spots that look like they shouldn’t be real. They really are mind blowing.

25 places that look not normal but are actually real via Buzzfeed[pinit]

Best Decision– Today SCOTUS reminded us that love will always prevail.



Until next time! Let us know what you liked and feel free to send us your own links 🙂

In case you missed last week’s links that light us up!