June’s Book To Live By

Do you use the term “dropping the ball” to describe a calamity?

If so, you may want to update your vocabulary — and your to-do list.

In this month’s Women on Fire membership interview, I spoke with leadership expert Tiffany Dufu, who considers dropping the ball to be an excellent life- and time-management strategy.

Tiffany is a longtime advocate for women and a highly sought-after speaker. She currently serves as chief leadership officer at Levo League, an organization that supports young women in pursuing lives of purpose and passion.

Now she adds author to her credentials.

For the June Book To Live By, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to her enriching and practical book:

Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less

Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less by Tiffany Dufu

Drop the Ball is a memoir and a how-to guide for having it all by letting go.

Like so many women, Tiffany kept accumulating responsibilities in her life, unable — or unwilling — to ask for help or simply to release feelings of perfectionism for even trivial tasks (housework!).

She brings a clarity and insight to her own experiences of frustration, overwhelm and guilt that will have many nodding along in recognition.

Tiffany also explores the underlying gender biases that have been handed down through generations — with the help of the media — and how harmful they are to men as well as women.

Then she goes further and offers sensible solutions. She helps you to decide which balls to drop and which ones to pass off. And she clearly spells out how to do it.

Drop the Ball leaves no one out. Tiffany’s life-balancing advice applies to those just starting out or with limited resources, to wives and mothers, and to career women at all levels.

The book begins with a foreword that adds historical context from one of Women on Fire’s favorite and most respected sources: Gloria Steinem.

Could you ask for a better endorsement?

Drop the Ball is available from Amazon and at bookstores everywhere.

Grab a copy and see what a bounce it gives you!

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