April’s Book To Live By

The longer days and awakening nature have inspired me to bring that spirit of renewal indoors. And I found a perfect way to do it — with feng shui.

Feng shui is a method of organizing your home to support all areas of your life. By harmonizing with your surroundings, you open space that allows energy to flow more easily and create the best outcomes for prosperity, creativity, relationships and more.

My guest expert for the April membership interview is Karen Rauch Carter, a brilliant feng shui consultant. In our conversation, she offered fun tips for arranging your environment so it aligns with your dreams and goals.

I am so pleased to announce that the April Book to Live By selection is Karen’s best-seller Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness.

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

The book introduces this traditional Chinese philosophy in an entertaining, well organized and inspiring way. Her advice is easy to understand, and you can begin applying the laws and cures of feng shui without complex calculations.

In the process, you become more aware of key areas of your life you may be neglecting, including your health, love life and career.

If you are already spring-cleaning, you’re halfway there! Why not try some easy feng shui ideas and see what happens?

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April 2017 Sneak Peek interview with Karen Rauch Carter

I hope these early days of spring find you sharing in the renewed sense of life blooming all around.

And I’m so excited to bring you some extra help to shake off any leftover winter blahs!

In my April membership interview, I had a fun and fascinating conversation with feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter. I know many of you are familiar with her best-selling book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

WOF Sneak Peek Apr

For those of you who don’t know, feng shui is an ancient Chinese system for harmonizing energy and creating a positive flow in your life by rearranging your environment.

Karen treats us to some tips on how to use spring-cleaning chores and simple “cures” to improve your health, career, love life and more.

If you’re not yet part of our Women on Fire membership, please be our guest and listen in as Karen talks about the challenge of having a healthy home with modern technology:

In the rest of the interview, you’ll discover:

  • What feng shui is and why it is important in your life
  • Simple “cures” that fix energy that is stuck or damaging to your health, career, relationships — even your pets
  • How to use feng shui to attract the love of your life or to deepen your intimate relationship and enjoy a better sex life
  • The importance of the front door to your home
  • Possible reasons you can’t get a good night’s sleep
  • When to call a feng shui expert and when to use a personal organizer
  • And so much more

In the After Interview, Women on Fire member Carrie Saba talks about some of her own success stories from using Karen’s book and feng shui techniques.

If you aren’t yet a member and want to receive this Women on Fire exclusive, click here to join us today.

Only a few days remain for you to have access to this interview.

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P.S. If you sign up now, in addition to receiving access to this powerful interview and other exciting benefits, you will be invited to attend the April Women on Fire Live Chat master class on Tuesday, April 18. Karen Rauch Carter will be joining us to answer your questions!

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