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39th Edition

Hello, Women on Fire!

Hope you had a fantastic week! Here are some finds from across the Web to keep you company this weekend. 🙂

Best for Your Budget — Looking to spruce up your walls without spending a fortune? Check this out!

21 Places to buy affordable art- Jessica ProbusBuzzFeed

Best Two-Minute Test — Are you up to this two-minute relaxation challenge?

Do nothing for 2 min.


Best No-Cook Sides — No need to turn on your stove for these delicious summer sides.

10 no cook sides from Real SimpleReal Simple


Best Beautiful Print — These prints are absolutely breathtaking and whimsical. Take a look here!

Love LimzyLoveLimzy


Best Background Noise — There is something about the sound of rain that is instantly relaxing. Now you never have to wait for a thunderstorm again!

Rainy Mood


Best Location Locator — Are you living in your geographic home? Find out here.

What US City should you actually Live In Jessica MisenerBuzzFeed

Best Bubbles on the Go — Never again worry about spills or stains while you’re away from home.

Scrubba- portable washing machineScrubba

Best Potluck Parties — These menus will have you eager to invite everyone you know — and then some! — for a big summer soirée.

19 Big summer food party ideas by Christine ByrneBuzzFeed

Hope these links light up your weekend, and we look forward to hearing about what’s lighting you up on the Internet lately.


The Women on Fire team

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Where, where and why?

Thank you for your tremendous and overwhelming response to the news that Jan Allen is joining our Women on Fire team.  This expansion allows us to offer and test models of even greater support to women everywhere by making Ohio a model state.

We’re deeply touched by your interest in our revolution of women joining forces to support each other to succeed.  And, we are thrilled you are here!

Women on Fire group Vision Day in Naples, Florida: Barb Zion, Margie Warrell, Debbie Phillips, Jamie Eslinger, Jessika Ferm, Tricia Simpson, Angela Ittu

A few hours ago, I hugged goodbye the phenomenal women from as far away as California, Ohio, Massachusetts and Virginia who attended our first-ever Women on Fire group Vision Day retreat in Naples, Florida.

Each woman worked on her plans and next steps to steer her life toward her big vision.  I loved spending the weekend in the presence of such courageous, awe-inspiring Women on Fire determined to accomplish her biggest dreams!

They crafted their plans while renewing their spirits, and I think you are going to be dazzled in the near future to see some of their results.

There are many components to living the life you dream of and I want to include you in on one that we touched on over the weekend.  How would you answer these questions?

Where were you born?  Where do you live now?  And, why?

It’s thought-provoking to consider that where you live could lead to a more fulfilling life.

Do you live in your geographic home?

For instance, I was born in Bryan, Ohio and I love my home state with all of my heart.  But I truly feel alive on the East Coast and especially after I settled on Martha’s Vineyard in 2001.  I was in my geographic home.

In my 15 years as a coach, I have seen people thrive and succeed to greater degrees when they live in their geographic home where they feel their best and most inspired.

If you know in your heart you’re not living in the right location but aren’t sure where that is, check out this free online survey.  Find Your Spot may show you locations that fit your criteria for the perfect place for you!

You know I love hearing from you.  So please feel free to share below.  If you are totally jazzed with where you live, please tell us where and why.  Or, if you need to find your geographic home and were inspired to take the quiz, I’d love to hear your results and whether they surprised you.

In the meantime, have a great week and I am sending you huge wishes to live your biggest dreams — in the location of your choice!