Carrie Saba’s Word of the Year Program

I’m so excited to share this special gift with you from one of our talented Women on Fire members.

Carrie Saba with her Word of The Year
Please meet holistic health and wellness coach Carrie Saba from Columbus, Ohio, who is certainly in the FLOW for 2014!

I’ve known Carrie for several years and last year I participated in her Word of The Year program. Carrie also is a co-author in the new Women on Fire book, Volume 2!

As I mentioned in The Spark!, sometimes it’s best to take baby steps into the New Year rather than jumping in feet first. The beauty of Carrie’s Word of the Year program is that it helps you to do just that. You’ve heard me talk before about the importance of setting a theme for your year to effectively guide you.

I love Carrie’s program, because it eliminates the pressure to flesh out a full theme right away, and yet still allows you to move forward through your year with intention.  You can have both a theme and a word for the year, as I do.  This year my theme is Creating Oases and my Word of the Year, thanks to Carrie, is LOVE.

Carrie has expertly crafted a step-by-step guide to help you manifest whatever it is that you want more of in 2014. You would be surprised at how much impact one carefully selected word can have on your year. It can be the single spark you need to re-discover your dreams, re-align your passions, and rearrange your path toward your desires.

I encourage you to invest a little time in selecting your word by participating in this fun, easy and inspiring program.  Learn more details and download the full Word of The Year program here!

You will have free access to this special and unique coaching program until next Sunday, January 12, 2014. Just add the course to your basket and enter the code: GIFT at checkout to receive your free copy of Carrie Saba’s Word of The Year!

Carrie and I look forward to hearing the word you choose. Please feel free to share your word in the comments below. My thanks to Carrie for her generosity and great work!