A Life-Changing Question

In a second, I’m going to ask you one simple question that might make a huge difference to help you get what you want in your life.  But first…

Welcome, all you wonderful women who are here for the first time.  Many of you were referred by friends; or you found us online through my ABCNews.com articles; or you listened to the inspiring teleseminar with Women on Fire book co-authors M.E. Jones and Laurie Forster sharing their successful strategies to find love and work they are passionate about.

We are so happy to have you join our circle of incredible, dynamic women making a difference in the world!  I hope to meet you at the upcoming Women on Fire Retreat in Chicago April 23-24.  This week is the last chance to register.

The question I have for you is deceptively simple. Yet, in answering it, depending on where things stand for you, it has enormous impact on your life, your health, your future.


Take your time to think about that.  Feel free to use the grid below to consider your overall happiness, because it’s likely you’re happier in one area than another.

Rate yourself from 1-5 with 1 = very unhappy; 2 = unhappy; 3 = neutral; 4 = happy; 5 = very happy.  When complete, total up your numbers.  A total score of 40 is the highest.

No matter where you fall on the scale in each category, is it worthwhile for you to be happier?  Are happier people more successful?  Can you learn to be happy?  Yes! Research seems to indicate happy people do better in life.

Landmark studies also show happy people are healthier and more resistant to illness.

For more on the importance of happiness and how it can enhance your success, I highly recommend any of the books, questionnaires and research of Martin Seligman, the “father” of Positive Psychology as well as Gretchen Rubin’s new best-selling book The Happiness Project.

So, are you happy?  How happy?  Let’s say you gave yourself a 2 on “meaningful work.”  What is one, small step you might take next to move in the direction of a 3?  Go through your grid and consider what it would take for you to upgrade your happiness quotient at least one point in each category.

As Women on Fire, we have important work to do in the world sharing our gifts, strengths and talents.  Part of our self-care is to be as healthy and happy as possible so we have the energy to make the difference we so deeply desire.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings about your happiness.  I want to support you!

(Thanks to Woman on Fire Diane Torrisi who provided the “happy” red velvet cupcake above that made me oh-so-very HAPPY!)