Links That Light Us Up

32nd Edition

Hello Women on Fire!

Welcome to another week of fabulous links from across the internet 🙂 Here we go!

Best You Go Girl- Nothing says you go girl, like young ladies dressing up as important female figures.

Eunique Jones' Because of Them We CanEunique Jones’

 Best For Your Budget- Why not think about spring cleaning for your finances?

Top 50 Money Saving Tips via Martha Stewart.jpg

Best Airline Buckle Up- We always get a kick out of clever airline safety videos, so here are the top 11 according to Travel and Leisure.

11 Most entertaining airline safety videoTravel and Leisure

 Best Selfie- Our very own Linda Neff has embarked on the great #selfieadventure2014 / #selfiesforacause and to call it inspiring would be an understatement. Every day she features a charity, cause, or movement that deserves recognition, and we think it’s about time that the woman behind it all is recognized 🙂

Linda Neff #greatselfieadventure2014

 Best Heartbleed FAQ- Confused by the latest internet security issue and how it affects you? Us too, so here’s a helpful article.

How to heal from heartbleed


Best Sound Bite- Passed over to us by one of our youngest Women on Fire, Run to You by Pentatonix is worth a listen (or 10.)

 Best Treat- This is the PERFECT spring dessert for your Easter or weekend celebration.

Lemon Rosemary Layer Cake by Baker BettieBaker Bettie

 Best Garden Tech Tools- Bring your gardening to the next level with these nature inspired apps.

Top 10 gardening apps via Gardenista.jpg

We hope spring is sprouting in a yard, on a sidewalk or in a park near you this weekend. And as always let us know what’s lighting you up lately 🙂


The Women on Fire team