Links That Light Us Up

19th Edition

Hello Woman on Fire!

This week absolutely flew by. Can you believe that it’s already November? Anyway, these links are on fire so let’s get straight to it!

Best New PSA- The United Nations is shedding some light on gender inequality in its  latest PSA. Crafted by Ogilvy and Mather, this campaign uses actual generated search results from Google. These disturbing statements are further proof that we’ve got more work to do globally and domestically to ensure the rights of women.

New Ad Campaign by The United Nations for Women EqualityUN WOMEN

Best Neck Warmer- On a cold night, what could be better than a faux fur infinity scarf?  The Women on Fire team went gaga over this new accessory from Anthropologie.

Fur Cowl Neck from AnthropologieAnthropologie

Best Fall Bite- We’re back with yet another delicious roasted veggie creation. Jessica from How Sweet It Is has done it again with her autumn arugula salad with caramelized squash + pomegranate ginger vinaigrette. This for sure has the Women on Fire stamp of approval 🙂

Autumn-Arugula-Salad-with-Caramelized-Squash-Spiced-Pecans-and-Pomegranate-Ginger-Vinaigrette-How Sweet It IsHow Sweet It Is

Best Glass Ceiling Break- It’s another historic moment for women. Check out the latest painting of the only four female U.S. Supreme Court justices in our history.  #notoriousRBG

The Female Supreme Court Justices are looking Sassy- Women on Fire couldn't love this painting more!

Best Spirit Lifter- We challenge you to watch this 1:30-minute video all the way through without smiling. There is truly nothing better than a simple act of kindness.

Best Baby Picture- Queenie Liao has turned her son’s nap time into a new photo project called Wengenn in Wonderland. We think these might win for cutest baby pictures.

Queenie Liao- Wengenn in WonderlandQueenie Lao

Best Way To Shop for Charity-  The ‘everything store’ has just changed the charity game big time. What if we told you that Amazon is now going to donate 0.5% of every purchase to the charity of your choice (of participating charities)? All you have to do is make sure to shop through the Amazon Smile link!

The best new way to shop for a good cause- Amazon Smile

Best Meal Plan- Nothing is worse than having to throw out spoiled groceries. Plan To Eat is a new online meal planning program that helps you combine your recipes from different sources, organizes them throughout the week, and then creates a grocery list. Sounds pretty genius to us. Let us know if you give it a try!

Plan To Eat- New Meal Planning ProgramPlan To Eat

Hope you enjoy the weekend ahead and we will see you back here next week with more links to light you up!


The Women on Fire Team

Links That Light Us Up

4th Edition

We are back again with more amazing links to share. Thank you all for your wonderful responses to our earlier three editions!

We are THRILLED that you apparently love the links we love, too.  Be sure to send your favorite links, and we’ll share with everyone.

OK, here we go …

The latest links that light us up:

Best Bling– These Kendra Scott earrings have us swooning! And, they come in every color imaginable.

Kendra Scott earrings[pinit]

Best Snack- We’ve never met anyone who would turn down a potato chip — especially a BBQ sweet potato chip. Jessica from How Sweet It Is will show you how to make these homemade beauties.

BBQ sweet potato chips via How Sweet It Is[pinit]

Best Experiment– Have you heard of ‘Email Bankruptcy‘ yet?  We certainly hadn’t until we read this article. The idea is that you delete your entire inbox to start fresh, to allow the important emails to flood through again, and to regain your sanity. We aren’t brave enough to try it over here but maybe you are. Let us know!

Email Bankruptcy via Levo League[pinit]

Best Summer Sounds– What could be better than a curated playlist of the TOP summer songs since 1962? NPR already did the work. All you have to do is press play!

NPR music- Songs of Summer Playlist[pinit]

Best Place to Take a Dip– Looks like paradise right? Here’s 23 more unreal pools that we wish we were floating in!

24 pools you need to jump into via Travelrew[pinit]

Best Celebrity Moment- So we already loved Kristen Bell, but after seeing this we love her even more. Who knew sloths could be so cute!?

Best To-Do List– As if you didn’t already have enough on your to-do list– Here’s 101 revolutionary ways to be healthy. #53, #92 and #101 are really speaking to us.

101 revolutionary ways to be healthy[pinit]

Best Secret Skill– Ever buy flowers from the grocery store and realize that they don’t look as good in the vase as you thought they were going to? Yeah, that would be us, too. But never fear! Erin from House of Earnest has put together a wonderful how-to for simple flower arranging.

DIY flower arranging- House of Earnest[pinit]

Best 2-Bite Treats- Who says you can’t make ice cream sandwiches out of Ritz Crackers? Joy The Baker shows you how to make these insanely delicious, bite-size buddies.

Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwhiches via Joy The Baker[pinit]

Best Tool For the Future- So we really love this idea. Now you can take those life lessons you just learned, write them down and send them to yourself. So, in a year from now when you find yourself in the same spot you’ll know that everything will work out just fine.

Write a letter to your future self via ohlife[pinit]

We hope you love these links as much as we do! As always let us know what you liked and what’s lighting you up on the Internet, too!


Women On Fire