Are You Smelling The Roses?

It’s a holiday so I will be short and sweet!

On this Memorial Day weekend,  I was honored to be invited to celebrate the baptism of our neighbors’ darling baby granddaughter.

Cora with her mother Rebecca Barclay

Following 13-month-old Cora’s christening, the minister gave a sermon entitled “Stop and Smell The Roses.”  And, he asked us, “What are your joys today?”

This was just the question I needed today to remind myself to stop and smell the roses.

As the sun filtered through the upper story windows and into the sanctuary of this 17th century whitewashed New England church, I could feel myself relax and breathe in that I felt so much joy this holiday weekend for:

  • Having neighbors who treat my husband and me as family
  • Being in the company of Women on Fire Holly Getty, Melissa McClain, Sandra Carlson and Jamie Eslinger (and a surprise hug and visit from Jan Orosz, a Women on Fire coaching group member from Columbus, Ohio!) who came from far and wide and shared their lives and talents with us
  • Living in the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard and feeling a sense of belonging
  • Being clear about my life’s work
  • Having the world’s best big, white cat who provides endless hours of love and enjoyment!

Our bundle of joy ...Wilber Philber

So, on this holiday weekend I invite you to reflect on your own life.  “What are your joys today?”  Do you stop each day to know?  You are most welcome to share the happiness that fills your soul by making a comment below.

May this holiday weekend spill over into a joy-filled week for you.