Bunny, Bunny!

Happy Bunny, Bunny Day today.

There is a superstition I believe in that if on day one of every month your first words are “rabbit rabbit,” your month will be filled with good luck!

Many years ago our friend (and, of course, a Woman on Fire) Debbie Cook told us about this first-day-of-the-month ritual she shared with her husband – and Rob and I made it ours.

Somehow saying “bunny, bunny” to people I love starts off my month right!

(And, I hope we’re not tempting fate by changing it to the fuzzier “bunny, bunny” instead of “rabbit, rabbit” ;-).

Do you have a fun ritual that keeps you upbeat and positive – and adds a dose of hope to your life?  I’d love you to share it In the comments section below..

In today’s SPARK! I’m going to tell you about three simple strategies — questions to ask yourself and be aware of — that can smooth out life’s wrinkles and help you get where you want to go.  Sound good?

But first, a little story …

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an Abraham-Hicks seminar with two members of our Women on Fire team — Jamie Eslinger and Regina Blos.

The thrill remains to this day of meeting the inspiring Esther and Jerry Hicks, creators of Abraham-Hicks, many years ago. (Although the blanket I seem to be wearing has long since been retired and forgotten about!)

If you’ve never heard of Esther and Jerry Hicks, the originators of The Law of Attraction material behind the movie The Secret, I urge you to check them out to see if you resonate to their particular brand of uplifting strategies for living your life.

They provide a goldmine of information and inspiration and, if you apply even just one of their strategies to your life, you will be amazed with what happens.

For years, I have read their books, attended their seminars and listened to a monthly CD that keeps me happy, hopeful and on-track with living my life full out.

Even in my darkest, scariest, most resistant moments, relying on their strategies and wisdom gets me through.

It wasn’t always that way.  In fact, I nearly turned away Abraham-Hicks’s help and insight which has provided me with more gifts and peace of mind in the years since than I could ever have imagined.

Because when I first heard Jerry and Esther talking on a cassette tape in 1998, I dismissed them with an ‘oh, brother, another bunch of crackpots as self-help experts.’

Then, as only a crazy-in-love girlfriend would do, I took my then-boyfriend, now-husband to see Jerry and Esther Hicks because he admired them so much.

We attended one of their seminars with about 40 other people (as opposed to the hundreds that now attend their workshops.)

At that first event, no one was more shocked than me! I loved everything Esther and Jerry and Abraham had to say.  Most importantly, I walked away with this life-altering strategy:

* If I focus on what I want in my life and why I want it – and not on what I don’t want – my dreams will happen.

I learned any focused attention and rumination on what’s going wrong or bad simply gives me more of the same!!

From that day forward, I got it!  And, I learned to give myself the permission, joy and freedom to dream and dream and dream about what I want in my life.

And, I started to minimize the drama, the stories, the injustices, the negativity to “prove” not having what I wanted “wasn’t all my fault.”

Today, I am seriously embarrassed at the resistance I had to living a richer, fuller life when I first listened to that cassette tape.

Do you know what I mean? You discount something at first and later discover how it helps you?

That little whisper … that you are not quite ready to hear yet.  But when you do, it provides you with just the perfect, amazing next steps of living a better life.

In the years since, these Abraham-Hicks strategies have further changed the direction my life:

* Point your canoe downstream, release the oars, and get into the flow of your life (rather than struggle, control and fight your way up stream against great resistance.)

* Are you a cooperative component to your wishes, dreams and desires? (Or, do you resist or thwart all the goodness and gifts waiting for you in the world?)

They are strategies and questions I continue to ask myself to stay on track.  And, I hope they are helpful to you, too!

Happy Bunny, Bunny Day ~