A first time for everything

Ahhh, spa!

Do you remember your first visit to the spa?  On this trip, I brought Jamie Eslinger, marketing and communications director for Women On Fire, along with me to Lake Austin Spa Resort.

It turns out this was Jamie’s first spa resort experience …ever!

Jamie and Debbie at Lake Austin
Here we are, waiting for our facials and taking in the good food at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

Since it was her first time, I thought you would like to hear in Jamie’s own words all about the experience.

In the video below, I interviewed Jamie about what was exciting, as well as, embarrassing for her during her first stay at a spa resort.


There is always a first time for everything.

If you have never been to a spa resort I encourage you to consider adding it to your self-care program. And, if you have been many times before maybe it is time to try a new treatment or class.

Debbie next to waterfall

I love listening to the waterfall outside Lake Austin’s spa center.  Here I am pictured after trying a new treatment for the first time, a cherry facial peel.

Jamie Post Facial
Jamie hydrates after her very first facial.  Hydration is a must after any treatment and we were so happy to find organic tea in every single building to drink throughout the day. Just one of many surprises on our trip!

Thanks for coming along with us to Lake Austin!



Adios, Fear! Time to send it packing.

Hello again from Lake Austin Spa Resort.

While enjoying my stay, I also led a group of wonderful women on fire like you through the key components of vanquishing fear, including what it is and why we have it.  I will explain a little more in this video.


Guess what? We all fear something. Moving through fear is the most important way to conquer it. So, check out one simple strategy on how you, too, can approach your fear head on and send it packing.

1.  F.E.A.R. has been described as “Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real” — that’s because fear is a fantasy of what “could” happen if you speak in public, make a mistake, or go it alone without a spouse or partner — just three of fears I often hear about from women.

2. Try to think about the worst case scenario of your fantasized fear. What is the worst possible result you fear? Meditate on what could happen and imagine all the terrible outcomes that pop into your head.

3. Then, place a realistic percentage on that worst case scenario happening.  Is it 2% or 20% that you may fall off the stage when speaking in public?  Now, put a strategy in place to help you through your fear based on the percentage of it really happening.

4. Plan what action you’d take should your worst fear happen.  Often, the grip of fear is lessened when you know what you’d do and you see the chances are (most often) quite slim of disaster striking.

Stay tuned, there are even more healthy and helpful tips to come from our adventurous spa week!

If you would like to find out more about Sophfronia Scott’s book that I mentioned in the video — How The Fierce Face Fear — or to order your own copy, please click here.



How I learned to walk on water

I walked on water.

Or, biked on water actually in flip-flops, and didn’t even get wet!  It was my first time hydro-biking and I must say it was an amazing experience and a great way to greet the day and rev up at Lake Austin Spa Resort for my speech about conquering fear.


Speaking of fear, Jamie conquered her fear of the water by taking a paddle board lesson from our expert instructor Tom. (Who will be appearing in an upcoming Matthew McConaughey movie!)

Want to learn more about hydro-biking or paddle boarding? Check out these videos and photos from the morning.

Do you have a strategy to start your morning energized and ready to go?   Being out on the water first thing in the morning sure was a great change of pace!

Thank you for coming along to the spa with us this week.  Please stay tuned for more spa updates.

Debbie wakes up to the water
I felt like a giant bumble bee in my life preserver.  Better safe than sorry …and wet!

View from the bike
Here I am in the middle of the lower Colorado River on my hydro-bike. You can’t see but there are turtles and fish popping up around me.

Hydrobiking on the Colorado River is a piece of cake!


Jamie’s first time out on a paddle board. She is standing tall and strong!

Day of Beauty All Around

Pinch me.

This has been the most wonderful day.

It started at dawn with coffee in my favorite Glass Garden on the property of Lake Austin Spa Resort.  I’m here with Jamie Eslinger, Women on Fire’s marketing and communications director, to give two talks.  Today’s topic was how to keep your fire lit so you can do what you need to in this world.

Because I want you to share in this beautiful spa adventure with us, here is a video and some photos of our time today.  Enjoy…more tomorrow!


I made friends with the “working cats” of Lake Austin Spa Resort.  Don’t worry, Wilber! You are still the main man in my book!

Debbie enjoying healthy and yummy food
I am loving the incredible cuisine here including this watermelon gazpacho, which tasted so good and so good for me, too!

Lunch at Lake Austin, Red Snapper
Check out what Jamie ordered! These beautiful Red Snapper Tostadas.

Poolside Post Facial
After my cherry-infused facial, I relaxed in a poolside cabana. A little dazed, very grateful and so relaxed in the warm evening sun.