Women on Fire members attend Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend

Here is a collection of aha moments and key takeaways from a few of our Women on Fire members who attended Oprah’s The Life You Want weekends.Screenshot 2014-10-26 14.11.53

Stage view in Miami from the Women on Fire instagram!

Iyanla Vanzant really struck a chord with me when she said, ‘If you made it through the past, then you passed.  In life, you don’t have to get an “A”!  A “C” will do just fine. And, in some cases, a D will work. Life really is on your side!’ Perfect for perfectionists!

~ Stephanie Dalfonzo, Danbury, Connecticut, who attended in Newark, New Jersey with Women on Fire sisters Kate Moore Perlman and Sai Jimenez.

Oprah crowd

Lighting up the arena: the crowd during the Soul Cycle® workout in Miami

I seek inspiration now instead of waiting for it to find me to get in the zone. I created and now live my vision – organization, self-care and productivity are my friends, procrastination is my foe. After seeing Oprah’s place to meditate I went home and created a beautiful space for reflection.

~ Sai Jimenez, New York, New York

Kate Stephanie Sai at Oprah

Women on Fire members Kate Moore Perlman, Stephanie Dalfonzo and Sai Jimenez at The Life You Want weekend in New Jersey.

An underlying thread was listening to your inner voice, the universe, and that what life is telling us is what we need to hear, to know, etc. Also, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience. Aha!”

~ Kate Moore Perlman, West Orange, New Jersey

maria and jesse at oprah

Women on Fire member Maria Cannone, her husband Jesse pose with “Oprah” 🙂 at The Life You Want weekend in Houston.

I danced, I grinned at everyone, I ugly-cried, I laughed, and I was filled to the brim (massive overflow) with GRATITUDE. I was unbelievably inspired to create the highest, grandest vision for my life and then to let every step move me in that direction!

~ Maria Cannone, Austin, Texas

Thank you to each of our amazing Women on Fire members who shared the inspiration and strategies they learned at Oprah’s live weekends across the country!

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