What to do about the Big O?

Sorry, if I got you excited about something other than what you might have hoped for from today’s headline.  😉

Not the big O herself — Oprah.  Or the Cosmopolitan Magazine “big O” either!

The Big O I’m talking about is the one that can knock you off the path toward your goals and dreams — or at least put a damper on your day — OVERWHELM.

I receive more emails from Women on Fire about this issue than any other topic.

We all have too, too much to do.

When our cups runneth over, and fear takes charge, a panicky overwhelm sets in.

In fact, this morning when I feared I wouldn’t be able to finish all I need to do today, anxiety and overwhelm struck me and I froze in my tracks…until I did the technique I’m going to show you.

But first…

Last week, I had the delightful experience of joining best-selling author Marci Shimoff on Woman on Fire Bonnie Marcus’s farewell radio program Head Over Heels.

During the interview, which you can listen to in its entirety here (look for the AudioAcrobat link under my photo), Marci shared an exercise for bringing more love into your life.

The exercise was developed by the Institute of HeartMath, a non-profit organization dedicated to lowering stress and building our resilience.  I have followed HeartMath’s work and incorporated it into my coaching practice for years.

Marci recommends this breathing exercise to build and to open to love.

But, I’ve used this surprisingly simple exercise successfully for years when I feel scared with overwhelm.  It works for both!

Here’s how I do it.  Feel free to try it.

Recipe to Vanquish Your Overwhelm

1)   Place your hand over your heart

2)   Close your eyes

3)   Inhale and exhale

4)   See and imagine your breath coming from your heart

5)   With each breath, you can say comforting words to yourself such as “I’m OK,” “I will be fine,” “everything important will get done.”

6)   Continue for a few minutes or until you feel ready to stop

7)  Experience the feeling of peace and calm

(Please let me know how this works for you in the comments section below.)

On the recording, Marci, whose latest book is Love For No Reason, does a beautiful job walking you through this exercise.

Have a great week, free and clear of any overwhelm!

Here’s to you staying connected, inspired and motivated!

Much love,


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