October’s Book To Live By

What does it mean to live with an open heart?

Against the knocks and setbacks of life, we reflexively develop a shield, an armor to protect our deepest selves. But what are we closing out?

Living with an open heart is an age-old concept, crossing cultures and religions worldwide. It is a universal call to all those searching for inner peace to seek the healing, life-giving force of love.

In these troubled times, there can be no better message to ease tensions and live in harmony, with forgiveness and mercy toward ourselves and others.

In that vein, I am delighted to announce that our October Book To Live By is:

The Book of Divine Love: Heart Opening Poems by Mary Burnett Brown (*paid link).

202010_BTLB_BookofDivineLove _MaryBrown

The Book of Divine Love is the first book by Mary Burnett Brown. She is an international flight attendant and photographer who has spent decades traveling the world, breathing in its beauty and inspiration and reflecting it back.

In the opening pages, Mary offers quotes that helped to shape her own vision of an open heart. Some are by her greatest muse, Rumi, the 13th-century poet and mystic who wrote: “Why are you knocking at every other door? Go, knock at the door of your own heart.”

In the first poem, Mary invites us to “Nestle into the sweetness of your heart,” promising “Your life will become a masterpiece when you quietly tune into its calling.” Throughout the book, her poems embrace such gentle urgings as “connect to the divine spirit in your heart” and “listen to the whisper.”

I was honored that Mary asked me to write the foreword to this beautiful book. I am so proud of how she opens her heart and generously shares it.

So, what does it mean to live with an open heart? Listen to Mary’s wise and compassionate whispers in The Book of Divine Love (*paid link) to guide you as you discover your own meaning.

You also can follow her video poetry on Instagram at @marybrownsheartpoetry or visit her website at maryburnettbrown.com.

With love,

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