January 2017 Sneak Peek interview with Michaela Boehm

Are you ready to powerfully kick off 2017 and fill your life and your tank with love and light?

If you are, my guest for the January Women on Fire membership interview is a world-class authority on the subject.

Michaela Boehm is an expert on relationships and intimacy. She leads workshops around the world on emotional, spiritual and sexual healing and empowerment.

In Ojai, California, she has a counseling practice with a long list of clients that includes Oscar-winning actors, producers and writers, and Grammy-winning musicians.

In this uplifting interview, you’ll learn:

  • Rituals to get a fresh start on the new year
  • Practices to fill your life with love and light
  • What it means to find your heart’s highest calling
  • How to shift your mindset from lack to abundance
  • What it takes to rekindle a sexual spark in a long-term relationship
  • How to reveal your feminine power
  • A 5-minute daily practice that will bring greater self-awareness and true empowerment

If you’re not yet part of our Women on Fire membership, please be our guest and listen as Michaela talks about creating internal abundance:

Click here to listen to the Sneak Peek!

I know you will be swept away by Michaela’s big heart and inspiring insights in the full interview.

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December 2016 Sneak Peek interview For a Great Start

For the December interview, I talked with four members of our powerful Women on Fire circle.

Georgia Wheelock, Meredith Schoenberger, Deirdre Martin and Beth Bryce shared their successes and struggles of the past year and looked ahead at their goals and aspirations for 2017.

I know you will be inspired by the candid reflections of these amazing and accomplished women.

The end of the year is a natural time to think about where our lives are headed and whether we are on course to achieve our dreams.

If you are considering adjustments along your life’s path, Great Start offers the roadmap you need.

I designed this program with Rob Berkley, my husband and coaching partner, for the clients we work with during Vision Days®. These methods are tried and true and the success stories at www.visionday.com will inspire you.

This three-step approach enables you to create a strategic plan with simple yet powerful changes you can make — beginning any day of the year.

Starting today, you can move your life toward:

  • Financial freedom
  • Great relationships
  • Perfect health and fitness
  • A rewarding career
  • Living the life you dream of!

Let’s listen to an earlier interview I did with Rob in which he introduces the first step of the program:

Click here to listen to the Sneak Peek!

To order the Great Start program and get 2017 off to an amazing start, go to WomenOnFire.com.

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If you are already a member of our Women on Fire monthly membership, enjoy this preview of what will soon arrive in your mailbox soon.

If you aren’t yet a member and want to receive this Women on Fire exclusive,click here to join us today

Only a few days remain for you to have access to this interview.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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P.S. If you join today and you will have access to this powerful interview, the January 2017 Women on Fire live video masterclass where you have the opportunity to be coached by me, and the private Women on Fire Facebook page. Join now.

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Announcing Newest Member of Women On Fire

©Rob Berkley
Meredith Schoenberger joins Women on Fire as Communications and Marketing Manager

Meredith Schoenberger of Los Angeles has joined the Women on Fire team as Communications and Marketing Manager.

Many of you met Meredith at the Women on Fire Retreat in Chicago last fall where she was our social media reporter. I’m thrilled she is joining us full-time.

Meredith’s talent, enthusiasm for women’s success and knowledge of the digital world are a perfect fit for our goals to reach more and more women with inspiration, strategies and support.

She will play a key role in helping me to expand Women on Fire’s national presence.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and a graduate of Miami University of Ohio, Meredith has spent the last two years in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. She helped to guide and monitor social media campaigns and digital marketing initiatives. She also had been a dedicated and long-time volunteer for Planned Parenthood and The Girl Scouts.

“I’m really looking forward to helping Women on Fire to continue to grow and serve more women. It’s such a special and tremendous community of women who are connected and cheering each other on to live lives they dream of,” Meredith said. “I’m eager and excited to combine my strong social media marketing background with my love for helping women.”

She will also update and help to expand Women on Fire’s extensive membership program using online and social media tools.

“It’s truly a gift to be able to enrich the lives of women every day,” Meredith said. “I was involved with Women on Fire before getting this position and used to think the only thing better than being a part of Women on Fire would be to work with Women on Fire. My dream has come true!”

Meredith joins a team that includes:

* Dianne Phillips, member care director

* Daren Stinson, executive assistant

* Sebastian Kaupert, designer

* Costas Peppas and Amber Miller, web services

* Sophfronia Scott, book publisher

* Kacy Cook, book and membership package editor

* Jan Allen, senior advisor

* Becky Adams, senior writer

* Rob Berkley

Please join me in wishing Meredith great joy and success in her new role.  Please say hello to her at Meredith@womenonfire.com

Thank you all for your love and support!  We are dedicated to delivering a world of inspiration, strategies and support — for your own success!


The discoveries of a young Woman on Fire


As a woman, I grew up being encouraged to “blend in.” Into one another, into the background, into myself.

Since childhood, I’ve walked the fine line that exists between having confidence in my own success, yet being modest enough to hide my achievements. It’s exhausting, and even that’s an understatement.

Meredith Schoenberger speaking during the recent Women on Fire event in Chicago with Debbie Phillips (Photos by Heather Stone)

And, then I attended the Women on Fire Retreat, 33 floors above ground in the W Hotel’s Altitude Room overlooking Chicago, in the warm embrace of the WOF community, and for the first time that line to share my light disappeared.

That weekend in Chicago was a life-changing experience that overwhelms me with love when I think about it.

I’ve never been in such a supportive and accepting environment before.

I walked into this situation knowing maybe a couple of people, and I walked out with a whole lady gang, who are rooting for me to overcome and succeed.

It has left me close to speechless (a rare occurrence, my friends and family would tell you!), and every time I let my mind return to the memories of the retreat, I can’t help but smile.

Being only 23, and having the privilege of sharing an entire weekend with the largest collection of successful women I’ve ever encountered at one time, has me convinced that I’m doing something right.

I couldn’t tell you what that “something” is just yet, but I can tell you that I’m not as worried as I once was about trying to figure it out.

I was one of the youngest women to attend the WOF Retreat and I know that my age had an impact on the types of questions I asked and answers I sought.

I’m at a point in my life where the abundance of choices seems superficial; the competition amongst women feels toxic; and more than 90% of the time I feel completely lost, but am too anxious to admit it.

In my experience, women my age often seem more concerned about last night’s episode of Honey Boo-Boo and what “so and so” wore to her wedding than talking about their proudest moments and what their goals are for the coming year.

Very often, I’ve felt out of place when surrounded by my peers, and have been put-down one too many times for trying to offer encouragement and give unconditional love.

But at the WOF Retreat, I felt that I belonged.  I told Debbie that I knew I was meant to be there in that moment.

The Retreat, with women of all ages, was the first opportunity I’ve had where I was encouraged to celebrate myself in the company of other woman.

It was the first time that I felt I could be proud of who I am and how far I had come without the backlash of judgment or jealousy.

It also gave me permission to gush over the accomplishments of other women, and express the unconditional support that had been silenced in the past.

The Retreat provided women with the tools, the space and the love that it takes to tap into your most authentic self. And once you tap into who that woman is, you become one step closer to leading the life you have always wanted to live.

So, from this day forward, I’m taking a vow to no longer blend-in to the box labeled “female.”

I’m going to fight for my big dreams; I’m going to push forward in my next steps; and you better believe that I will always credit the WOF community for helping me to realize that I should.

The youngest attendees at the Women on Fire Retreat: Emily Neal, Elle Celeste and Meredith Schoenberger with Debbie Phillips (who is not so young!)

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Meredith Schoenberger majored in creative writing at Miami University.  She currently works as a talent coordinator for a music management company, and lives in Los Angeles.

Although not fully convinced that the West Coast is best, she has her sights set on New York City in the near future. She’s passionate about helping young women prepare for the real world and is currently on her way to making that dream happen.

Best-ever Women on Fire Retreat!!

My heart is full.

What an amazing, inspiring weekend with women from 22 states and Canada at our annual Women on Fire Retreat held this year in Chicago!

The fabulous women who attended the Retreat! (Photos by Heather Stone)

Next week I’ll say more about what it was like to be in the energy of all these dynamic, creative, supportive women who are making a difference in the world.

But right now, those of us on the East Coast are preparing for the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and I am sending love and hope for everyone’s safety.

Meanwhile, please join us in a few Women on Fire moments from the weekend! More pictures next week.

Chicago host and Woman on Fire Debi Lilly cheering!

The wise and talented Sophfronia Scott, publisher of the next Women on Fire book, shared our plans for inviting co-authors to participate. Very exciting!

Kim Davis, Dana Frost, Nancy Neal and Cindy Clendenin listen intently to Margo Frazier sharing what she is “on fire” about in her life!

Blue Women Group? Not exactly! Dreaming Big was this year’s Retreat theme.  Everyone received a blue-gel mask to promote relaxation, better sleep, good dreams!

My sweet mother Mary Lue Phillips attended her first-ever Women on Fire Retreat. Here she is, happy in the moment with Laura Benton, Meredith Schoenberger and Arlene Alexander.

Enjoying the Retreat with my best friend Jan Allen, a coach and life strategist, who moderated a panel on Career Leaps and Changes and also discussed on her experience giving a TEDx talk. (Photo by Jamie Eslinger)

Yoga teacher and trainer Laurel Hodory led us to discover techniques for becoming centered and grounded.

To everyone who participated in this powerful, engaging, life-changing Retreat, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Safe travels home.  And stay tuned for next year’s Retreat date and city!

If you haven’t attended a Women on Fire event, I hope you will soon. No better way to fill your cup:-)