October’s Book To Live By

Do you have a longing to work for the good of your community? For the nation? The world?

I recently spoke with a young woman drawn to leadership, in particular on the noble path of public service.

I’ve known Eleanor Celeste since she was an infant and have watched her grow up to be an accomplished young woman, including as the co-author of an outstanding new anthology.

I’m so pleased to announce that the October Book To Live By is:

Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope & Change from Young Female Staffers of the Obama White House by Molly Dillon and co-authors.

Yes She Can by Molly Dillon

Yes She Can [Amazon Link] is a collection of essays by a diverse group of female staffers from the Obama administration. These women, who were mostly in their early 20s during their work at the White House, hope to encourage future generations of women to follow their lead.

Each woman describes her work at the White House and how she landed that job. Their recollections feature thrilling and impactful experiences they participated in while taking leadership roles.

From an unpaid internship, Eleanor earned a full-time position as assistant director in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. She worked hard for years to prepare for this lucky break, and she guides others to do the same.

Yes She Can will inspire women of all ages to conquer the imposter syndrome and have faith in their contributions. Yes you can!

To hear my interview with Eleanor Celeste, join our Women on Fire community at www.womenonfire.com/membership.

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