August 2017 Sneak Peek Interview with Nikki Giovanni

What makes a person unforgettable?

For me, perhaps the most memorable characteristics can best be summed up in one word: passion.

In 1985, when I was the press secretary to then Ohio Governor Richard Celeste, I attended a celebration for the latest inductees into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame. There, I was introduced to a woman who is the very embodiment of passion.

That woman, Nikki Giovanni, is my guest for the August Women on Fire membership interview.

Nikki is a poet, educator, social activist and so much more. From the moment we met, I have been awed and inspired by her.

You may remember Nikki from her powerful address during the memorial convocation that followed the horrific mass shooting at Virginia Tech University in 2007. Nikki is a professor at the school and knew many of the victims — as well as the shooter.

In this excerpt from the interview, Nikki talks about the days following the massacre and how she came to write her stirring speech:

In the rest of our conversation, you’ll also learn:

  • The effects of the massacre on Nikki, then and now
  • What she does during trying times to calm her soul
  • Her thoughts on being named one of Oprah’s Living Legends — and what she is still waiting for Oprah to send her
  • Her simple truths about living and dying
  • Nikki’s idea that colonizing space could be the next Middle Passage
  • Her advice on living your dreams and purpose
  • The link she makes between church and hair and swimming
  • The quote from Nikki that has long been hanging on the wall in my office as an inspiration and challenge

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