We’ve Got Mail!

After a very fun visit, we just packed up our niece Margaret, 13 and nephew Sam, 7 and put them on a plane — along with ALL of their Easter candy — to return home to St. Louis.

(I hope the people sitting next to them on the plane — and their mother picking them up — will forgive us!)

Your SPARK! this week is a personal letter written to me that I have permission to share with you.  The letter reveals what happens when we  embrace our gifts and take action.  The result is feeling alive and passionate, which is one of the 20 aspirations and principles to becoming a Woman on Fire.

Before we get to the letter, I want to congratulate the co-authors of the book Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) who opened their hearts and shared their dreams, struggles and pain — and strategies for success to benefit other women.

And, now I want to celebrate Nina Donath of Huntsville, Alabama who so clearly, beautifully, boldly is transforming herself into a Woman on Fire!

Hi Debbie,
A year ago or so, a dear friend told me about you and Women on Fire. She gave me your book in which you wrote a very nice personal message to me in the front.

I first put the book in my stack to read. I finally started it, got a few stories in and laid it down for some reason.

I decided if I was going to pick it up again, I really needed to “study” it, write notes and learn what these amazing women have in common that made them Women on Fire, and to discern some “secrets” that could make me one, too.

And so I did pick the book back up and wrote notes about each story in my journal. I learned that many of the women are where they are today not only through hard work and persistence, but a dream and belief in themselves. Some of the stories are more relatable to me than others but I enjoyed each and every one of them.

As for me, I have worked in a technical field for the last 25 years, which has not been very fulfilling. I have struggled through the years to figure out what I could add to truly feel passionate about my life.

Your book and an unrelated event that happened recently have caused me to no longer struggle.

For years I wanted to apply to be a Huntsville Times (Alabama) community columnist and never did (lack of confidence). Last November the day before the contest deadline for 2010 columnists, I decided I didn’t want one more year to pass by without trying, so I threw together the two required submission entries and hand-carried them to the Huntsville Times office the next day.

Out of 78 entries, I was chosen as one of five columnists, and my column is published the 4th Sunday of every month. This is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

I have always loved to write and have probably 50 journals I’ve written since I was 14. I have also written poetry and some short fiction. I never thought of writing as something I could do for a living or do successfully at all. Writing the column has given me energy and a passion and happiness I have not had for a long time, as well as a confidence in myself and my writing abilities.

Your book made me realize that anything is possible if you have a dream. I would like to eventually do freelance projects, both in my technical field and writing assignments — independent of where I happen to be living at the time. I especially would like to write travel-related stories and work on a novel. Now, I really believe I can attain that dream!

Thank you for your book and your energy and passion to help others. I hope to meet you one day and especially to attend a tea party.

God Bless 🙂

Nina Donath

Congratulations to you, inspiring Nina!

(And thank you to Nina’s dear friend — and mine — Mary Remer who started this lovely chain of transformation by giving Nina the book.)

When I began Women On Fire® in 2003 and then several years later invited the co-authors of the book to talk about their lives and struggles, one of the goals was to provide a forum of positive connection, inspiration, strategies and support for women to live the lives they dream of.  It almost always involves taking action on a gift or talent of yours.

When you read Nina’s letter what goes through your mind?

Good for her? Excitement? Fear? Wow, it’s time for me to get going? I’m inspired, but I don’t know what to do next?

The key is to notice your thought, whatever it is, and use the information to move toward what you want.  Your weekly SPARK! and our gatherings, book, CDs and DVD are all designed to help you get there.

So, what are you thinking now?

What’s one thing you don’t want another year to pass you by on?

Let me know in the comments section below.  I love reading what you have to say… and until I get to see you in person!