The secrets to making it happen!

Thank you for your notes and comments after I wrote last week about the importance of writing a goodbye letter when you leave a job.

Some of you asked whether the same process can be applied to a relationship break-up, or to walk away from toxic people, or for other transitions such as graduating from college or finding yourself in an empty nest.

Yes, yes and yes!

Just tailor the prompt questions to the situation you choose to release.  And, congratulations to all of you who wrote your goodbye letters. (And to the many who sent me yours, I loved reading them!!)

You should find it easier now to move on — and toward new dreams or goals you really want.

With Carmencita Whonder at the launch in New York City of her exquisite, fashion-forward, plus-size clothing line Of Whonder.

Speaking of moving toward what you really want, I want to introduce you to a Woman on Fire member who launched her inspired dream of what she really wanted last week — after only 14 months from vision to reality.  And, all while she was working a full-time job as a lobbyist!

I could not be prouder for Carmencita Whonder of Washington, DC who really rocked it in New York City last Wednesday when she unveiled at a preview party her plus-size line of luxury ready-to-wear clothing.

In honor of her family’s name and Jamaican heritage, she named her company Of Whonder.   She grew up in “a culture that truly celebrates women’s bodies, shapely bodies, the most feminine silhouettes.”

Carmencita noticed a need, an underserved market for the majority of women in this country:  62% of women wear size 14 or larger.

With Carmencita on stage in the background, note her stylish designs for sizes 12-24.

Purchasing top-of-the-line jewelry, handbags and shoes is no problem for plus-size women, yet it is nearly impossible to buy exquisitely designed, luxurious, contemporary clothing that fits well in larger sizes.

Carmencita is out to change all that!  And how did she make it happen?

Here are her secrets that you can use to launch your dream, too.

1)  Vision.  She experienced a need. She took seriously what she noticed was lacking in her own life, and she talked with lots of other women who saw the need, too.

In Carmencita’s own words, here is how she developed Of Whonder from dream to reality:

I was very clear about my vision and got clearer and clearer about it  the more I worked on it.  It was a process and the more I learned, the more I honed my vision. 

2) Goals and next steps.

I created a plan and a goal and set out to achieve it.   It was no easy task, but I just took one day at a time and got my family and friends on board to help (including Woman on Fire style consultant and fabric expert Holly Getty) and hired freelance consultants from the fashion industry to help me get closer and closer to my goal.

3) Persistent action.

I persistently took action every day.  One thing that I learned in this process and a quality I have really come to respect about myself is my ability to stay positive and nimble.  Things were always changing and many challenges arose.  Knowing that I can’t always control what others do, I focused on how to respond positively to roadblocks, setbacks, and I prayed daily.

This is just the beginning for Carmencita and her dream to serve and inspire the lives of so many women.

Her clothes will be available next month through her website.

And, you will be able to tell Oprah that you heard about this amazing Woman on Fire here first!  (How perfect that Of Whonder and Ms. Winfrey share the same initials! 🙂

What about your own dreams?  What is missing in your life?  How might you transform that into your own dream? Know that you can always share your hopes and plans and receive support in the comment section below.