October 2016 Sneak Peek Interview with Sally Taylor

Have you ever wondered where artists and inventors get their ideas? Do you marvel at how they turn those images into reality?

In my interview for the October Women on Fire membership, I spoke with Sally Taylor, the brilliant musician, singer/songwriter, artist and entrepreneur.

Besides her recording career, Sally is the creator of an innovative project called Consenses. This amazing interactive exhibit was a collaboration between 150 artists and artisans from around the world.

In this interview, Sally took me through a masterclass of the artistic process.

Her life story will also amaze and inspire you. She grew up surrounded by creativity and success as the daughter of not one but two superstars—Carly Simon and James Taylor.

Here are a few of the things you will discover in the full interview with Sally:

  • Her reflections on the gifts and joys of being a child of celebrity, as well as the obligations and pressures
  • How creativity became her coping mechanism during her parents’ public divorce
  • Why she was long determined NOT to become a musician when she grew up
  • About the inspiration and creative development of Consenses, her groundbreaking art exhibit 
  • Her plans for the future of Consenses in classrooms around the globe
  • The one question she learned will open doors for you when you need help
  • The satisfaction of interpreting an image in your mind into a work of art
  • The advice her famous parents have given her, and the advice she’s given to them!

If you’re not yet part of our Women on Fire membership yet, please be our guest and listen to this delightful, two-minute clip of my conversation with Sally Taylor.

Here, Sally shares favorite childhood memories of her parents:

Click here to listen to the Sneak Peek!

You will be inspired by Sally’s creative path and reminiscences of her incredible life. Plus, you’ll enjoy samples of Sally’s beautiful singing!

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October’s Songs To Live By

For the October 2016 membership interview, I spoke with my dear friend, the incredible musician, artist and entrepreneur Sally Taylor.


Music is in Sally’s DNA.

As the daughter of two rock legends—Carly Simon and James Taylor—she grew up surrounded by music, musicians and music managers.

But when she decided to enter the family business, she chose her own path in a big way. She wrote all the songs and even formed her own label, Blue Elbow.

In our talk, Sally revealed so many stories and insights, including about her famous parents and her groundbreaking art exhibit, Consenses. I hope you will visit Consenses.org to learn more about that project.

I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce you to her amazing talents as a singer/songwriter.

I am so proud to announce that our October 2016 Songs To Live By selection is Sally’s debut album:

Sally began the album as a demo tape created to help her keep track of a rapidly growing stack of compositions. It feels like an intimate performance.

Her gorgeous soprano voice, poetic lyrics and infectious melodies will captivate you.

Song styles range from soft rock (“The Complaint,” “Happy Now”) to folksy acoustic guitar (“Tomboy Bride,” “Song 4 Jeremy”) to piano ballad (“The Good Bye”). Each is delivered with warmth, charm and self-assurance.

For an extra treat, her father, James Taylor, plays guitar on the last song, “Unsung We Dance.”

The song starts with an adorable introduction using a childhood recording in which she commands, “Hi, my name is Sally Taylor. Get on your knees and start begging.”

I know you will be absolutely enchanted by Tomboy Bride. The stories Sally tells are personal and honest. They will touch your heart.

To learn more about this beautiful album, as well as her follow-ups Apt.#6S and Shotgun, visit SallyTaylor.com.

I cannot recommend Tomboy Bride more highly!

Lots of love,

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