September’s Book To Live By

Are you longing for guidance to help you navigate the ebb and flow of life? Have you considered consulting a psychic or intuitive healer?

I heartily recommend it.

The guest for our September members-only podcast and the Live Chat Master Class was mystic Laura Lee, my personal intuitive guide.

During our sessions, Laura often suggests inspiring supplemental material. She admires the books by Sanaya Roman and has studied the associated Orin and DaBen meditation program.

From these recommendations, I have discovered a goldmine of inspiration in our September Book To Live By:

Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation, An Orin Book by Sanaya Roman (*paid link).

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Sanaya describes her writings as the channeled messages of Orin, a being of light who is her spirit guide. If you find that language even slightly off-putting, you are encouraged to focus on the material that resonates with you and not to struggle with the sections that don’t. The book’s central truths and healing words will surely touch you and bring perspective to your life, regardless of your spiritual views.

Living with Joy was first published in 1986 and has remained an international bestseller. The teachings offer ways to tap into the core of who you are, that space where unconditional love resides. They are written with a gentle, compassionate tone and are easy to understand. Topics include inner peace, balance, self-respect, opening to receive, living your higher purpose, and so much more.

An updated 25th anniversary edition includes a Daily Joy Practice, simple exercises, and affirmations to help you start (or end) your day feeling uplifted. The wisdom it contains will enable you to enjoy life to the fullest.

You can spend a day or a week with a chapter, or simply open the book to a random page for quick inspiration. Each page features a highlighted passage that allows you to immediately grasp the central theme.

Even during troubled times, a life of joy is possible. Living with Joy (*paid link) is a great starting point for your joyful journey.

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