What would you do with an entire day to yourself?

Are you often so busy and obligated that you never have a day just for yourself?  What if you were totally unscheduled?  How would your 24 hours flow and what would that do for you?

I woke up yesterday realizing that while I have a to-do list the size of California, I didn’t really have to do anything or be anywhere the entire day.

Rob was attending a retreat in the Catskills and I was home alone with Wilber.

So, I thought ‘hmmmm, what if I do only what I want all day long?’ What a concept!

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So, here’s my diary. And what it did for my spirit when the day was over:-)

5AM — Wilber meows and knocks my watch off the bedstand (in case there was any doubt I was still asleep;-) I feed him and decide to go back to bed and sleep until I wake up.

9:04AM — I wake up and can’t remember the last time I slept past 7AM. I think about working out and then read this on Facebook and decide to scrap that idea;-)

I stay in my pajamas.

I brew a pot of my favorite Almond Joy coffee, a gift from our beloved friends Jerome and Theresa TocioRob prefers French roast and refers to my Almond Joy as  “stinky coffee.”  It smells up the house in a way that must not be pleasing to him.  But he’s not home!  So the house now smells Heavenly to me.

11AM — Take an outdoor shower — in the rain!

11:45AM  –Went to the local Farmer’s Market and bought flowers and cupcakes

1PM — Visited our little rural post office (and was rewarded with some birthday surprises. Thanks, Mom!)

2PM –Returned home. Caught up on a stack of magazines that included everything from The Ohio State Alumni Magazine to Vanity Fair.

2:30PM — Ate last night’s leftovers, which were better than the original dinner!

4PM — Visited friends who recently remodeled this beautiful home on Martha’s Vineyard and savored the time with them.

5:30PM — Went shopping and bought gifts for a friend who’s having a baby girl any minute now!

7PM — Enjoyed dinner alone outdoors in a little French cafe on Martha’s Vineyard and people-watched! Returned home and had fun arranging a bouquet of hydrangeas.

8:30PM — Laughed through an episode of the hilarious sitcom Arrested Development on Netflix.  I’m still on Season 1 and find the wacky Bluth family totally irresistible!

I re-watched a Bruce Springsteen video where Woman on Fire Kacy Cook, wearing blue, is just over Bruce’s shoulder throughout a good portion of it starting at the 3:20 mark. So fun!

9:30PM — Indulged in a bedtime snack — and ate a cupcake.

9:45PM  Lights out. Zzzzzzz…

I woke up today feeling so content, healthy, and happy to be alive.  I believe jumping “off the treadmill” for a day and going with my flow helped me to recapture and reset my energy and spirit.

When was the last time you spent a day doing exactly what you want?

Even if you have kids, maybe you can trade time off with a friend or arrange for care so you can have a bonus day.

I was so inspired with my free day that at least once a month, I’m going to schedule myself an unscheduled day!

I’ll see you next week with our monthly feature on what Women on Fire are up to! Email Meredith@womenonfire.com with your news.

Have a sparkly good week — and enjoy the holiday!