Links That Light Us Up

7th Edition

Hello Women On Fire!!

Let’s get straight to it today, shall we?

Best Avocado Bite- We almost lost it over this spicy cheesy guacamole from What’s Gaby Cooking. If you aren’t familiar with Gaby Dalkin’s avocado infused cuisine yet, we highly suggest you check out her latest cookbook Absolutely Avocados, it’s absolutely delicious.

Spicy Cheesy Guacamole from Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby CookingGaby Dalkin

Best Outdoor Spaces- Sunset Mag. featured some wonderful inspiration for your outdoor space. With one more month left of summer, it’s not too late to take the party outside!

Best Summer Retreat-  Who says that summer camp is just for the kids? Find out from The New York Times how to say goodbye to technology and hello to the kumbaya connection.

Get Grounded at camp for adults- photo courtesey of Scott Sporiedor featured in New York TImesScott Sporiedor

Best Pick Me Up- If you ever need to feel better in less than 3 min. we guarantee this song by Gotye will do the trick!

Best Double Take- Check out the photo project “I’m not a look alike” (featured in Messynessy Chic) of Francois Brunelle. He’s taken unrelated look alikes and photographed them side by side. It’s spooky and amazing at the same time.

Francois Brunelle "I'm not a look-alike!" ProjectFrancois Brunelle

Best Letter- Read what this first time stay at home dad has to say about being a parent. This will totally warm your heart.

Best Cool Down- Homemade Salty Honey Ice Cream…need we say more? Thank you A Cozy Kitchen.

Salty Honey Ice Cream from A Cozy KitchenAdrianna Adarme

Best Kitchen Accessory- We couldn’t give you an ice cream recipe without anything to put it in! Pull these out at your next dinner party and watch your guests swoon. Gluten-Free friendly too 🙂

ceramic Ice cream cone holders from AnthropologieAnthropologie

Let us know if you liked the links, and if anything is lighting up your week!


Women On Fire

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