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21st Edition

Hello Woman on Fire!

Are you ready for some fun links to start your weekend right? That’s what we thought, so here we go!

Best Animal Print-  These simple photos of baby animals from Sharon Montrose may be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. They are pretty much perfect, good luck in trying to browse without buying!

Best Animal Print Art at the Animal Print Shop by Sharon MontroseSharon Montrose

Best Gobble- So we know that you probably have a tried and true turkey recipe for this Thanksgiving, but on the off chance that are you ready for something new here are 19 other great ways to cook your bird!

19 Great Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey- compiled by Rachel Sanders from BuzzfeedRachel Sanders from Buzzfeed

Best Pick Me Up- At Women on Fire we are always looking for tips and tools to make our days brighter, this article from Kevin Daum of on the 10 Ways To Make Your Day Extraordinary is spot on! Enjoy 😉

10 Ways To Make Your Day Extraordinary from Kevin Daum at INC.comRob Berkley

Best You Go Girl- Have you heard of Verily Magazine yet? Well if you aren’t already a fan, you should hop on board. Their new November/December 13 Issue is out and they don’t believe in photoshop. In a world obsessed with the perfect female figure, we think Verily Magazine deserves a HUGE #yougogirl

Verily Magazine November December 2013Verily Magazine

Best Dream-  These women of Rwanda will have you crying, laughing and rooting for them 100% after watching this just released documentary called Sweet Dreams. Watch this women’s drumming group move heaven and earth to start their own ice cream store a mere decade after the genocide.

Best Starbucks Hacks- Just when you thought you had your perfect order at Starbucks, we found this! 13 Starbucks drinks that aren’t on the menu, compiled by Jessica Misener from Buzzfeed.
13 Starbucks Hacks you've never heard before by Jessican Misener of

 Best Snail Mail- Send your message here before Sunday!

Snail My

Best Meeting Spot- The New York Post now claims that the ‘manicure meeting’ and ‘pedicure pow-wow’ are the new power lunch. What a fun idea to skip lunch and go straight for luxury, all while getting work done! We are already planning our next Women on Fire meeting at our favorite salon. (the color below is our 1st choice)


Shearling Darling by EssieEssie

We hope you have a fantastic weekend planned and we can’t wait to hear what’s lighting up you online!


The Women on Fire Team

How Women on Fire are giving thanks!

I just love, love, love Thanksgiving week!  Do you?

Today I’ll tell you what three Women on Fire in my life are doing to make this year’s Thanksgiving holiday in the United States fun, meaningful and extra special for their families!  And, I’ll share with you a simple technique I use to overcome tough times in my own life. It can help you, too, especially if you hit a rough patch during the holidays.

But first…

Turkey Flock State Road Martha's Vineyard
A very common scene all year long on Martha’s Vineyard where I live: traffic stopped for turkey crossings!

It was a year ago already that I wrote you about My Terrible Scare.  And, today, I am filled with even more gratitude to be healthy and living a life overflowing with opportunities to expand women’s success.

My life was not always been this joy-filled.  In the early 1990s, my life had gone kind of haywire and I needed relief.

One of Oprah’s many great contributions was popularizing the importance of keeping a “gratitude journal.”  I started using this technique myself nearly 15  years ago when author Sarah Ban Breathnach published The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude.

Back then I often felt pulled below the waters of grief — from divorce, despair and a move to a new city away from my closest friends and deepest relationships.

By keeping a journal, I quickly discovered if I could feel gratitude for what was good in my life, it was impossible to be depressed!

So no matter how I fought it or how discouraged or unhappy I was, I would force myself every time I was upset to write a simple list of what I was thankful for.  And, each time I did I could feel my heart open — and hope slipped in.

Then and now, for me, writing a gratitude list works like a charm to release my upsets and get my booty in gear!  I even use it when I’m mad  or irritated with my husband.  I quickly grab a piece of paper and write down the 10 things about him I love and am grateful for.  (So glad he never gets mad at me. LOL!)

Even scientific studies show gratitude’s effectiveness.

Dr. Robert Emmons, the world’s most prominent researcher and writer about gratitude, has conducted studies with Dr. Michael McCullough showing that people who are consistently grateful have been found to feel better about their lives as a whole, meet their goals more often, are more energetic and more hopeful, and they are less likely to be depressed, anxious, lonely, envious or neurotic.

Grateful people also experience a greater sense of feeling connected to others.

And, the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie of this story is that a 2008 study shows children who practice grateful thinking have a more positive attitude toward school and their families!  The next time you feel the stress of life I invite you will write your own gratitude list.

And now as promised, here are Maritza Parra, Rosemary Nickel and Margie Warrell sharing Women on Fire-style inspiration of their own Thanksgivings:

Maritza: I have Thanksgiving catered because I can’t cook at all! But I like to write my favorite gratitude/appreciation quotes on parchment paper and put a pretty bow on them and scatter them all over the Thanksgiving table. They’re fun to help everyone get into super-gratitude mode and can open great conversations, too!

Rosemary: Our gift exchange is the best part of Thanksgiving!! This tradition was started by my aunt. We find odd things at yard sales during the year and wrap them up for the exchange. We laugh so hard at some of the stuff. Every once in a while there is a really great find and the exchange gets heated because everyone wants it. It’s hilarious!  And, it’s fun for the kids to look forward to as well.

One other tradition my aunt started is a book that everyone writes down what we are grateful for. Sometimes we write down the funny things that are being discussed in the room at that time or that happened on that day. I LOVE coming back each year to read it!!

Margie: I’m heading to Florida to spend Thanksgiving week in the sunshine (I’m hoping).  After nine years living in the U.S. (from Australia), I’ve finally mustered up my courage to take my four kids to Disney World. And while we are there we’ll check out Kennedy Space Center and wrestle alligators in the Everglades before heading on to Key Largo to celebrate Thanksgiving (with beef tenderloin) with friends.  Needless to say, a fun week awaits. And the opportunity to create wonderful memories with my family that I’m very thankful for.

Margie, the turkeys on Martha’s Vineyard thank you!

Whether you live in the United States or in one of the many countries where women read this blog, I hope you will comment below about some of the fun holiday or gratitude rituals in your life!

I am grateful for YOU.  And, I send you much, much love this week.