5 ways to ease into the new year

Happy New Year!

If you are feeling grumpy, glum or out-of-sorts today, it’s not your imagination!

Social media studies and human resources experts have declared today — the first official day back to work and routine after the holidays — one of our toughest days of the year.

If you can get through today, the rest of the year should be smooth sledding! (And I know quite a few of you get that smooth sledding part …brrrrr.)

For many of us, getting back to a schedule and tackling everything in front of us feels a little — no, a lot — daunting.  Yesterday, I was depressed and started to fret about everything that needs to get done now that the holidays are over.

I felt as though I had to handle all of 2014 in one sitting!

*This week’s Pinspiration*

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Don't beat yourself up if you aren't running into the new year. Be kind and patient with yourself when starting 2014.- womenonfire

So, I rolled around in my misery until I stopped myself.  And remembered strategies in the past that helped me get over my holiday hangover of carefree days of endless playing with the cat; caramel corn at 4PM; chocolate-covered cranberries all day; movies in the middle of the day; staying up way past my normal 9:30PM bedtime. 😉

Back to work, Wilber, my endless source of amusement and distraction

So if you’re feeling the challenge today of getting back into the swing of things, check out to see if any of these strategies might ease your way.

5 ways to ease into the new year- womenonfire.com blog


1) Go gently this week. As our good friends at Abraham-Hicks remind us: you will never get it all done anyway and where you stand now is a wonderful place. 🙂

I didn’t schedule any calls or meetings today with anyone outside of our Women on Fire team so that I could check in and reconnect with our team.

I’m woefully behind on emails after my annual “vacation” from social media, web surfing and emails. So today I’ve gone through my inbox quickly and prioritized what absolutely needs to be addressed today rather than reading thoroughly and attempting to answer each email.

I also received quite a few videos and resisted temptation to get sidetracked by viewing them. I’ve put them all in one file to watch for enjoyment later tonight.

2) Keep a gratitude journal. One of my daily practices for 2014 is to write a simple list of the five things I’m most grateful for.  Women on Fire member Laura Tiberi of Delaware, Ohio sent me the sweetest note paper to record what fills me up. It makes me happy just to write on this little pad.

Perfect gift for jotting down gratitude notes

Even if you decide not to keep a daily journal, just for today, consider writing the 5-10 things you are most grateful for in this moment.  Even though you may not be feeling it now, somehow expressing gratitude magically transforms the moment and shifts your energy.

3) Move your body!  Any way you can.

Thanks to Women on Fire member Eva Tenuto of New Paltz, New York, check out this quick, 30-day exercise program of “planking.”  This easy schedule takes only a few seconds each day — imagine! — to build your core strength. I started “planking” two days ago with my husband Rob — hmmmm, that doesn’t quite sound right;-) — but you get what I mean, right?!  A short burst of effort goes a long way on this one.

4) Review, establish or act on ONE small goal, thought or plan that you intend for 2014.

Here’s one way to help you do that. Women on Fire member Carrie Saba, health and lifestyle coach (and co-author in our Women on Fire book, Vol. 2) is giving us all THE MOST AMAZING gift!  For the next week, you can access her Word of the Year program. For free! Check out Carrie’s own word for 2014 and the success you can have by orienting your life around one word.

I’ve personally used her technique to great benefit in my own life. The generosity of our Women on Fire never fails to amaze me. Thank you, Carrie!

See all of the program details here and get your year off to a strong start.

5) Reach out and celebrate someone in your life this week. Who had a new baby? Got engaged? Achieved a long-held goal? Might be lonely and could use your good cheer?

A positive acknowledgment, hug or praise from you can make a world of difference.

Here at Women on Fire, we have birthdays to celebrate. Happy birthday today to  Rona Orbovich-Tomassilli, Joan Marie Whelan and Jen Cottrell!

And we have you to celebrate!  Whether you just joined this community of inspiration, love and support — or whether you’ve been part of this circle for a long time, I am so thrilled you are here.

My word of the year, thanks to Carrie Saba, is “love” and there is nothing more that I love than the women here who come together to help each other to live their dreams!

May you enjoy the best year yet of your life — and may you find the comfort and support here that makes life together as Women on Fire a much easier journey!

Go gently and with much love,

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