6 kinds of support that can change everything!

If you’re super busy right now, all you have to do is read the quote below and you’ll know how to make your dreams happen:

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller

6 Kinds of Support That Can Change Everything- WomenonFire.com
Women on Fire (and two amazing Men on Fire!) gathered on Martha’s Vineyard a week ago for group Vision Day and supported each other’s dreams and aspirations. (Photo by Shawn Jones)

Helen Keller was right. Whatever great mountain you are attempting to scale, you can’t do it alone. Today I’ll share a few observations about going on your journey with others — and why it matters.

But first …

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Women on Fire is a community like no other. We will cheer you on and inspire you to go for your dreams, and we’ll listen and support you when life feels hard.

So, last weekend …

It was such a magnificent two days with Women on Fire sharing and supporting each other that it was hard to say goodbye!

After everyone left, plans in hand for their futures, I sat in our living room on Martha’s Vineyard; the energy still vibrated from the weekend’s activities.

The magic of the group being together was like jet fuel to each person’s dreams lifting off.  Being together made a difference.

Women on Fire Stephanie Dalfonzo and Sheryl Snyder — making their visions and dreams happen! (Photos by Rob Berkley)

And while we always love it when you come to work with us at Vision Day, you also can create your own circle of support for taking the next steps in your life.

One way to do that is to invite several caring, trusted people to come together. Create a plan and set a time for each person to share their biggest dream and the obstacles standing in their way.

Here’s why it’s important to work in a community and the kinds of support best provided in a group:

1) Your best thinking is magnified. When you have other smart people who have your best interests at heart, asking you thoughtful questions and showing an interest in you and your desires, your potential and your success expands.

Rochelle Togo-Figa and Laura Tiberi supporting each other’s dreams and goals

2) The collective energy of a group is like an electrical jolt to your system. As one weekend participant said, “my engine had been idling and now I feel like I’m in drive!”

3) Resources. You need a bookkeeper? A book agent? A software system to run your business? Make any request for a resource in your group, and it’s likely someone will have an answer, a contact, an idea, a resource for you. And better yet most of the resources will have been vetted for you ahead of time so you have a better chance of success.

4) Comfort. Life is complex. When the going is tough and you have your “lady gang” with you, as Woman on Fire Meredith Schoenberger calls it, you will feel relief and comfort knowing you will be supported and helped along your path by many people.

Dyana Robenalt and Carole Murko motivating each other with a pinky swear!

5) Motivation. Sharing your dreams makes them real. When you say them out loud and create strategies to make them happen, you feel motivated to take the next steps. There is nothing like being accountable to others who you care for to motivate  you toward success.

Jenifer Madson, Woman on Fire member and author of numerous books, including her latest Head To Heart, said she was motivated to write her first book because she had told a group of Women on Fire she was going to do it! So she “darn well better do it.”  And she did — again and again!

6) Laughter.  I once read, “sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing always feels better.”  When you have a team behind you to laugh with, and struggle of going it alone fades, your load will lighten. Laughing alone just doesn’t quite have the same effect.

“There is little success where there is little laughter,” said Andrew Carnegie.

Those are just a few of the many reasons to join forces with others to achieve your dreams. Plus, when you give of yourself and help others succeed with their dreams, you take your mind off of your own issues — and that can be enormously rewarding and freeing.

As you move forward, you are invited to join us for our next 10-member group Vision Day on October 10-11, 2014 on Martha’s Vineyard.  (Contact Daren@womenonfire.com for details.)

Or, bring your own circle together. Going it alone is just too hard.

Which will it be for you?

Have a great week!


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One host + two co-authors + amazing Women on Fire book party!

It was such great fun couple weeks ago, celebrating Women on Fire Volume 2 in Chicago.


Take a peek at the event by pressing play!

*View more videos of the event here!

As a party planner, I couldn’t wait to “bring to life” the beautiful visual theme of Women on Fire.  It was exhilarating dreaming up the look and feel of the book signing party – from color palette to creating fiery florals, cocktails, savory and sweet menu items – we’re talking fun from start to finish.


Of course, nothing is can compare to the inspiration of our dear, fabulous, fine fellow Women on Fire.  The room was going to glow just from their sheer presence, as well as all the friends and family joining to cheer our local authors Leah Hamilton and Linda Neff onward and upward.  The party, the library at A Perfect Event, every room needed to raise itself up to the greet each guest with a warm, fiery embrace.


First up – creating the visual color palette.  Women on Fire means warm, jewel tones from yellow to orange to red – which are easy to incorporate into party details from flowers, cocktail napkins, and paper décor like menu cards.


Second – flowers!  Everyone loves a pop of fresh floral, especially in the winter doldrums.   Tulips are a low cost, fast and easy flower to buy in bunches from your florist or even right in the grocery aisle.   I love ombre design – arranging florals from pale color to rich intensity hues – so we clustered stems from yellow to orange to red inside the vase.


Third – menu.  This is the fun part.  Guests absolutely love to see and taste something new, unique, and tied to the theme.  A cocktail tied to the book title, Women on Fire, was in order.  Local Koval Distillery (fun fact, the first distillery in Chicago since the prohibition – and grain to bottle artisans, at that) is always my go to for whiskey cocktails.  “Whiskey on Fire” is fast and easy to whip up at home.  I am here to tell you, guests are still talking about how delicious these were – a week later.


For any cocktail party a combination of savory and sweet bites rounds out the perfect menu.  For an On Fire party menu we needed hot, grilled skewers, bien sur.  From beef to chicken, shrimp to veg, skewers are so easy to prepare in advance, cover in spiced all natural dressings (use them as marinades) right from grocery produce aisle, and grill or bake just before guests arrive.


Serve them ontop tasty, healthy salads like lentils, wild rice, cabbage slaws to add in more delicious, nutritious vegetables and grains.  I love to buy lentils, black beans, shredded carrots, cabbage, broccoli wokly right in the produce department, and instantly mash them up with bottled organic healthy choice dressings like Garlic Expressions (right from Toledo, Ohio, where my family lives, and carried in groceries coast to coast).


Time for dessert!  Parties need a sweet ending, and we instantly thought of fired up smores on skewers.  Marshmallows, wooden skewers, and a quick broil in the oven create an instant hit with guests.  Drizzle with some melted dark chocolate, crush a few graham crackers as garnish – and you’ve reinvented a childhood favorite.  For a healthier choice, skewer fresh strawberries, broil quickly, and drizzle with balsamic syrup (a thicker balsamic than vinegar, available in grocery aisle).


Set the Table  – I love to create a visual feast on the buffet – and rolling a colorful The hit of the night, were perhaps the inspired Women on Fire quotes, printed, cut and layered on colorful papers with washi tape accents, then frames, and placed throughout the party ontop mirrors with votive candles.

0004  0007 0008 0011 0012 0013

Inspiration Frames- FOR PURCHASE ($15.00)contact debi@aperfectevent.com

They came, they saw, they “fired” and nibbled.  Bought books, cheered, snapped selfies, instagramed.






It was a cherished, perfect night, filled with fire and finery.

Here’s to a 2014, that’s on fire.


Whiskey on Fire Cocktail

1 bottle Koval Whiskey (can use your local favorite whiskey)

1 jar dried Cinnamon sticks

1 bottle organic spiced Apple Cider

1 6 pack Ginger Beer (not alcoholic, but full of fresh ground ginger)

1 pack Simple and Crisp Orange Slices (can use fresh sliced oranges)

1 jar dried whole Anise

Open whiskey, and add 3-4 cinnamon sticks.  Cap, and let infuse for at least 24 hours.

Before guests arrive, pour into large drinking jar or pitchers 1/3 whiskey, 1/3 cider and 1/3 ginger beer.  Float cinnamon sticks and a few orange slices ontop mixture for garnish.

To serve, fill glasses with ice, top with Whiskey on Fire, and garnish with floating orange slice and anise “star”.

Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event, Women on Fire member

Photography by: Bethany Fritz/Maypole Studios

Food by: Pure Kitchen Catering

Whiskey by: Koval Distillery

Florals by: A Perfect Event

Video By: Jordan Lindley




Our special guest interview for March is…

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Women on Fire Founder Debbie Phillips interviewed award-winning documentary filmmaker, mom, philanthropist and human rights’ activist Abigail Disney.

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In the full interview, you’ll discover:

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  • How to help people in need without arrogance
  • Elements of a rich life
  • Tips for creating balance in our life

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