October 2016 Sneak Peek Interview with Sally Taylor

Have you ever wondered where artists and inventors get their ideas? Do you marvel at how they turn those images into reality?

In my interview for the October Women on Fire membership, I spoke with Sally Taylor, the brilliant musician, singer/songwriter, artist and entrepreneur.

Besides her recording career, Sally is the creator of an innovative project called Consenses. This amazing interactive exhibit was a collaboration between 150 artists and artisans from around the world.

In this interview, Sally took me through a masterclass of the artistic process.

Her life story will also amaze and inspire you. She grew up surrounded by creativity and success as the daughter of not one but two superstars—Carly Simon and James Taylor.

Here are a few of the things you will discover in the full interview with Sally:

  • Her reflections on the gifts and joys of being a child of celebrity, as well as the obligations and pressures
  • How creativity became her coping mechanism during her parents’ public divorce
  • Why she was long determined NOT to become a musician when she grew up
  • About the inspiration and creative development of Consenses, her groundbreaking art exhibit 
  • Her plans for the future of Consenses in classrooms around the globe
  • The one question she learned will open doors for you when you need help
  • The satisfaction of interpreting an image in your mind into a work of art
  • The advice her famous parents have given her, and the advice she’s given to them!

If you’re not yet part of our Women on Fire membership yet, please be our guest and listen to this delightful, two-minute clip of my conversation with Sally Taylor.

Here, Sally shares favorite childhood memories of her parents:

Click here to listen to the Sneak Peek!

You will be inspired by Sally’s creative path and reminiscences of her incredible life. Plus, you’ll enjoy samples of Sally’s beautiful singing!

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September 2016 Sneak Peek Interview with Marianne Williamson

During a troubled period in my life, a time when I was experiencing my own psychic trauma, I discovered the work of Marianne Williamson.

I must have listened to a cassette recording of her lecture” Emotional Healing” a thousand times.

Her brilliant insights gave me purpose and strength in those dark days. They continue to inspire and guide me to this day.

I was fortunate to meet Marianne in 1999 and she has been my friend and mentor ever since.

For the September interview, I am pleased to introduce you to this internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author.

Marianne shares her humanity and wisdom as we discuss her new book, Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment.

She believes we are seeing an epidemic of the overuse of antidepressants.

She describes how normal human pain — such as the grief that follows the death of a loved one — is being diagnosed as depression and treated with psycho-therapeutic medications.

This deadening of deep feelings robs people of life’s most profound lessons.

Listen in as Marianne outlines what she sees as a crisis in this country:

Click here to listen to the Sneak Peek!

In the full interview, you will learn:

• That emotional suffering is treated way too often as mental illness
• How numbing strong emotions stunts spiritual growth and hinders progress
• What your tears can tell you
• About the fallacy of a “normal” timetable for grieving
• How our own troubled times teach us compassion for others
• What is keeping you from experiencing miracles in your life
• The importance of finding a path to forgiveness
• Why you should have a daily spiritual practice
• What A Course in Miracles teaches about personal responsibility for our own experience

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P.S. When you join today, you will have access to this powerful interview, the September Women on Fire live video master class on September 13, and you’ll be invited into the private Women on Fire Facebook page. Plus, when you do you’ll become part of the safest, most connective and inspiring group of women you’ll ever meet.  Why not join now!?

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What to do when losses stack up?


Just when I felt I could take a breath, it happened again. After a string of losses last fall that included the deaths of my brother and seven weeks later his wife, our family has suffered another death.

Rob’s mom, our beloved MOTUS as she was affectionately called because she lived close to the White House, died April 22.

We are in grief again. Or, rather, we are in grief still.

What do you do when you have one loss after another? I wish I could tell you. Even though intellectually I understand and can even explain what happens when grief accumulates, it’s another thing to live it.

This week’s Pinspiration

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Inspiration on grief from Women on Fire- Womenonfire.com

So, I’m wandering around in a fog, noticing it takes me about four times longer to accomplish anything.  Noticing I can sleep way past my wake-up time. Noticing that I’d rather sit and watch the otters play outside our bedroom window than do anything else.
Simple joys — Rob captured these wonders of nature today rolling around in the sand outside our window in Florida.Otters serving as Women on Fire inspiration

Right now, creative thought is gone. Memory is out the door. Concentration hardly exists. Everything from eating and cleaning to reading and writing feels effortful.

It took me nearly an hour to write the paragraphs above.

What I do know is that the paralyzing feelings from this accumulation of grief are real — and temporary.

They are nature’s way of slowing me down to heal. It is as though I’ve been in an internal car accident. Outside, I may look normal (well, that’s debateable 😉 Inside, I need time, patience, love, support and self-care to heal from the wreckage that is my sad and broken heart.

I want to imagine it all fixed. All OK. All right with the world.

And, it will be.  Eventually.

In the meantime, I take great comfort in every kind word, every hug, every sweet gesture of love and care that comes my way.  Women (and Men!) on Fire are particularly good at “being with” during times like this.

From Wanda Dillard sending me a CD that helped her through her grief to Maria Cannone delivering a big basket of Mrs. Field’s goodies with a note that said “sweets really do help” to Debby Edwards’ offering of prayers and Father Edward Beck dedicating a Mass to MOTUS.

This is what gets me through.  The tremendous love and support of our community. If you’ve been part of us for a while, I know you feel it too.

Over the years, ungrieved losses can stack up.  If unnoticed and ignored, losses from moves, divorces, serious illnesses, children leaving home, and deaths can add up to inertia, depression, illness.

The only way around grief is through it …slowly, lovingly, carefully. Unwrapping each loss in its own time, honoring and remembering, until we can breathe again.

So for now I will:

  • · Listen to my body — and give myself permission to rest as much as I need to, ignoring any past programming that shames me for resting and napping
  • · Listen to my heart — and lean into the grief and express my heart’s deep pain no matter what form that takes — crying, screaming, sobbing, whimpering
  • · Listen to my head — and if I find that I am stuck in my grief or making little progress through it after a period of time, I will not hesitate to seek professional counseling or reach out for help from experts in our community such as Rev. Andrea Raynor or Hospice nurse Mary Landberg
  • · Listen to my soul — and be very gentle and tender with myself; understanding that the nature of suffering develops us into more compassionate human beings; and that I am stronger and better for having known, loved and cared about so many dear people who have now passed.

Even though I know this bittersweet time is part of the flow of my life, I want to express my eternal gratitude to you for the love and support that surrounds us here and makes it possible for me to share my heart — and for you to share yours.

As always, the love and care of our Women on Fire community is extended to you — in your triumphs and in your losses too.

Wishing you all good things in the week ahead ~