California Dreamin’

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamin Franklin 

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Hello from Los Angeles!

One of our Women on Fire aspirations is that we dedicate ourselves to learn new things as we move toward our vision, goals, and dreams.

I’ve been in California this week to attend a television training in Hollywood.

Each year, I allocate a set amount of money for my education to learn new skills or brush up on my old ones.

So this has been one of my “education weeks.” (Although I’m always learning something every single day from the Women on Fire in my life! 😉

How about you?

To keep yourself fresh, updated and moving forward toward your dream, do you know what you need or want to learn? Do you have a plan and a budget for your learning?

If not, I hope you’ll consider adding an education plan into your own life — and see what happens for you!

Angela Ittu, Lillian Jensen, Christa Eagleton, Beth Rose, Cristiana Simpson, Debbie Phillips, and Becky Adams

The best part of my California trip, however, was to spend an evening with a few of our West Coast monthly members at the elegant and chic Hollywood hotel – The Redbury.

It’s always my dream-come-true when you meet each other or reconnect to each other at these kinds of gatherings!

There is something so special about the connection and energy when you meet another Woman on Fire in person.

Shannon McCaffery described it best when she said Women on Fire gatherings are “like coming home.”

In California, we laughed, we got teary a few times, and we laughed some more. We relished our time – and our journeys in life together.

What was particularly inspiring is that a number of women were meeting each other for the first time – but you would never have known it!  When like-hearted women meet up, there is magic.

(Photo by Beth Rose)

Along the way, I hope to see you in person!

If you know of another Woman on Fire near you, I hope you’ll consider reaching out to her this week. And make a date to see her in person!

You never know what could happen.  It’s highly likely though that you’ll learn something new – and be uplifted in the process!

Have a great week. And, I will see Women on Fire monthly members in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday!


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